Installer 5 Revealed: A Cydia alternative alternative that could potentially reboot the iOS jailbreaking scene!


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  1. Cliff


  2. FFTW

    sounds great,although i always felt installing from PC using Itools was the best option for games. never cared much for apps.

  3. Darkshin0b1

    Sweet. Seems like Saurik been in his bag for while now. Glad for this alternative.

  4. -

    I’m going to buy my way into a jail just so I can try to get out.

  5. frank

    Before peeps get excited remember it’s just a package manager and there have been several introduced before and after Cydia. I’m not saying this won’t be successful but a package manager alone does not make a community alone for jailbreak users. iOS and Android have evolved to a point where most users are happy with stock features alone. If nothing else, the jailbreak community has helped evolved idevices to much better devices. We are a dying breed and let’s hope apple continues to make our experience better

  6. Thetechdoc

    Man we had an alternative once, remember rockbox? That was (for it’s time) the equivalent of what installer 5 is going to be, but then Cydia bought them out,

    I’m glad their is another option but I wonder if Cydia will just buy them out again

  7. Ziggy

    will support every jailbroken iDevice running iOS 8-11.1.2 .
    Nothing new then =(.

  8. Darth Agnon

    I’m still on iOS 7.1.2 – guess it’s useless for me, when I jailbreak one of these days. Unlikely I’m gonna leave 7.1.2, due to software bloat causing OS lag.

  9. Reiza

    I m with my iOS 9.3.3 Jb, but I see with the lastest iOS 11 the Jb is not quite stable, no Cydia Substrate. So I hope these guys can do something about It

  10. Steve

    This is awesome! It addresses all issues I have had with Cydia. Thanks for the article and anyone who wrote First, kill yourself!

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