PS4 5.01/5.05: Project Mira 1.00 released (devs only)


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  1. Vicoi


    • spok

      not really when it will be released after nearly half-year so again we have to hunt for “correct” PS4 and still no barcodes are published:(

  2. Joseph

    Will it be compatible with firmware 5.00??? my ps4 is stuck in that firmware because a malfunction of the bluray drive 🙁

    • Confused

      Why does the Blu-Ray drive effect your ability to update, can’t you just download the pup file and updatebthrough USB?

    • Yekkusu

      Wait, you’re saying you can’t update the system because of a problem on the bly-ray drive? What the… Look, I saw a Brazilian video here with the same issue, the man just cracked his ps4 open and checked the blu-ray drive and the problem was a piece out of place, he just put it on the right place. Give it a try!

      • Joseph

        I tried many solutions from usb to open the ps4, but no luck at all. I almost bricked my console. I lost all the installed games and left with an empty ps4 with no connectivity to ps store. I bought new one, but I wonder if the old ps4 can be of use. My old ps4 is the first model, and the new one is a slim version.

        • Thetechdoc

          Best thing to do is just replace the drive, $40 on eBay, just swap your PCB over from your original drive as they are “married” to the mainboards

          • Reiza

            If the update is going wrong is becouse the PCB is broken. If the deive is broken but the PCB is working you will still able to update and download content from the store. So is useless to change the drive like you said.

    • Sheenu

      you need to change the ribbons that connect the ps4’s blu ray drive and it will work. just ask to a friend for that and give the ribbons back after update. will work 100%. try it.

    • Reiza

      If is like the PS3, you can’t just replace the BluRay Drive becouse You will need to Remarry the new one with the Matherboard. On PS4 is actually impossibole and I think will be impossible becouse You need to access the Factory Mode (dungle) and/or a Full CFW.

  3. david duke

    will this end up in being possible to load pirated software or is this something else entirely?

  4. mkw1912

    my PS4 phat is on 5.01, is it safe to update it to 5.05 or should i leave it there?

  5. moath

    hi Joseph open your ps4 disconnect the bd drive and update its that easy dude

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  7. Can’t wait for this 5.05 exploit to be publicly released. Thanks to Wololo for keeing up to date! 😉

  8. Lucian Munteanu

    Will it be compatible with firmware 4.73??? my ps4 is stuck in that firmware because a malfunction of the bluray drive

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