The last few days (20 May) in PSVita News and Homebrew: TheFlow gives more specific ETA for his upcoming 3.65-3.68 hack, Rocks’n’Diamonds released and VitaQuake updated to version 3.0


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20 Responses

  1. Hmm says:

    Is that not meant to say this summer as it stated 2018 Not 2019?

    Do people proof read it or just post it up?

    • Aurora says:

      Whether to write ‘this summer’ or ‘next summer’ is a matter of debate as it’s not yet summer. Furthermore, if who is reading the article understands the context, they’ll immediately know what I’m referring to.

      • X'' says:

        It’s still confusing as a read. Saying this *blank* is usually referring to the current year’s season or whatnot. Like an advertisement saying “coming this fall”. If it was the end of the year and you used that phrase it would be acceptable but it really isn’t in this case. The article was flowing well until that part

      • ZeroFX says:

        Yep, but “This summer” is the way to go.

        You commited a mistake, happens, chill out bro :).

        • befuddled says:

          When I read “next summer” I immediately thought, oh,not the summer coming up but “next summer ” as in summer next year. How it’s written is very misleading.

  2. rsn8887 says:

    More than 60,000 additional levels for Rocks’n’Diamonds can be downloaded here:

  3. hitomi says:

    That’s great, I can play online with my vita until September. Thanks flow!

  4. denwa says:

    More Quake is always good. Now all we need is Open X-Com and we’re all set !

  5. PSTV-wood-sporter says:

    Buy two of every thing. Sony is the best for a good reason(s).

  6. david duke says:

    does this 3.65 hack mean, it would allow piracy?

  7. PS VITA OWNER says:

    So upgrading to 3.68 is safe now? I mean so I can play my PS+ games and later ‘hack’ it for homebrew when the ‘hack’ gets released?

    • An Oni Mouse says:

      Nope, totally a bad idea.
      Enso was patched in 3.67, so when TheFlow releases the update, you will always have to apply the hack manually everytime you boot up the console.

      • PS VITA OWNER says:

        Okay. But if I don’t mind the manual loading then I can update? So just to get this clear for myself. Stay on 3.67 for a long time and have permanent fun later of update now and manually load the hack every boot. Right? But whatever I do, I can enjoy homebrew on 3.68 when the time is there.

        • Gianluca Di Maggio says:

          I have read that you can update to 3.68 if you’re on 3.67 since it doesn’t close the exploit. So it should be fine.

        • Gianluca Di Maggio says:

          Update if you’re on 3.67 as it won’t change anything, it still works on 3.68. You can stay on 3.67 but it will just annoy you once you’re trying to update/ download something.

  8. Concerned says:

    God yes. I can finally purchase a vita in the future without getting gouged by 3.6 pricing.

    I’ve been waiting so very long. If only the vita were hacked in the early days like the PSP.

  9. Miesiu says:

    The Rocks’n’Diamonds is open source.
    The ‘rsn8887’ compiled for PSVita – why this game doesn’t exist in PS Store eg. for free?