Another nail in the PSVita’s coffin: Sony announces that PSVita game cartridges will stop being produced in less than a year!


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  1. WolfRamiO says:

    Vita was release on 2012, so, what the problem? you buy phones for the price 2 or 3 Vitas and change them in 1 or 2 years of use… nothing is for ever guys.

    • Spaarks says:


    • Rinyuaru-Kun says:

      The thing is that phones are universal: Android is Android, and given you buy from Android phone to Android phone you may even change every week while still having the same experience and content. The price isn’t really the issue here, it’s more the fact that a whole **console** is now dying. You can’t just buy another one and keep the same experience or content. If you choose to go from the Vita to the next portable console on the market, that’s basically a start from zero.

    • Natalie says:

      Ok, 1, phones are designed to be replaced every 2-3 years. Consoles aren’t.
      2. When you update your phone, you simply go back into the App Store and redownload any app you want. No matter if you purchased the app in 2007 or 2017, the app will still work because there are no generations.
      3. With portable consoles, and consoles in general, they die, and they die hard. Especially in this new digital era. If Sony or whoever decide to shut down their online store and kill a console, if you don’t have a large storage capacity card, you are losing the games you’ve paid for.
      Your PSVita games will only work on a PSVita. If the console dies, it’s done for, you can’t buy a newer model and just put your new games in it.

  2. Quade321 says:

    I believe the SD2Vita occupies the Game Card slot, not the memory card slot. 🙂

    • Aurora says:

      Yeah, I updated that. It was a simple typo as I was mentioning too many memory formats haha

  3. Zeke says:

    Meh. The Vita is to Sony what the Wii U was to Nintendo, something of a commercial failure. That doesn’t mean either are without merit or bereft of great games, just that they never really took off. At least Nintendo didn’t *** on theirs like Sony did though.

    • Ethan Weegee says:

      …and they are both really good consoles to hack.

      • Zeke says:

        Correct! Both my Vitas and my Wii U are hacked. Wii U is the easiest way to get 1080p upscaled GameCube emulation out by HDMI I know of, granted it’s not as graphically pleasing as Dolphin but vWii hacking is pretty simple.

  4. JonasForPresi says:

    The text beneath the 2nd picture says “physical”. But I think it should say “digital”.
    Nonetheless a very well writen informative article.

  5. ismail ghedamsi says:

    I never saw any games on sale in the stores anyway plus there’s no game worth playing.So it have no effect on me.

  6. Aramaru says:

    I recal this only affects western markets though. In VGchartz article they mention”Sony Interactive Entertainment’s American and European branches”. It’s a bit saddening but understandable. In my country PS Vita can’t really be bought anyway and neither can be games (mostly). Even though I don’t plan to support consoles after Vita I still plan to order some last exemplars I can get here and from Japan.

  7. joe says:

    You’d think this was a site dedicated to PSVita.

  8. FFTW says:

    damn. this SUCKS. just as we are getting the hack too. i very recently bought my vita and hoped to begin building a collection for it. this is really sad :'(
    RIP Vita. You rocked and died too early…

  9. dameros says:

    There will still be PS+ free games after March 2019, just not for ps3 and vita.

  10. Dmaskell92 says:

    “Wanting to sell them off after they’re finished off with them while still retaining their PSN account.”

    This isn’t important, and I’m sure most understood what you meant. However shouldn’t it be more like this?
    “Wanting to sell them off after they’ve finished playing, while still retaining their PSN account.”

    Not sure TBH, but the heavy use of the word “off” sounds amiss.


  11. Damon Kerr says:

    SD2Vita occupies the Vita Game Card slot. You can still use the memory card slot if you want.

  12. rdee12 says:

    Vita is dead. Next, the PS4.

    • TehCupcakes says:

      Well yes, by process of elimination, that is the only “living” Sony console left so it is obviously next. 😛 However, that won’t be for a few more years. There would be no reason for them to kill it off until there is a PS5.

  13. BlessingOfChaos says:

    The downfall of the Vita was completely and utterly down to Sony and its handling of the console. They promised the world. AAA console games on mobile! And all that… When that never happened they just removed support and allowed third parties to make it a bit of an indie /niche jrpg machine. What Sony should have done is just apologised for some misdirection, maybe offered a small cash incentive (like 10-20 dollars) to those who brought it on the AAA promise. Then they should have doubled down and made some good *** portable games. The 3ds is a terrible console and if has had a great life with tons of success.. That is all down to software… The Vita WAS the best handheld… But hardware never beats software.

    • Eridan says:

      Amen to this.

      Call it emotional transfer but it is always painful to see a video game console you enjoyed being drowned in the mud. Well, the dreamcast wound still hurts…

      The fact is that a pluridisciplinary company like Sony can afford a console to fail while Nintendo has no choice but to succeed, or move along as quick as possible. All in all, it is the toyphones trend that has permanently maimed the video game industry.

  14. Duhjoker says:

    I love my vita and even more since i hacked it. I dont understand why they just quit putting money into it. If they had just kept making games for it would be different.

    When i bought mine it was at the promise that there would be a ton of crossover games plus a ton backwards compatible games for PS1, PS2 and PSP games but the list has been pretty much unchanged since day one.

    I mean why make a console then refuse to release games for it. Its not the west fault for lack of gaming titles its sony’s.

  15. Demian says:

    Finally good news from that lame brand owner. Let the Vita on the scene’s hands once and for all. We the owners deserve the right to use our legally bought Vita’s as we want.

    • Dontbefooled says:

      So when do WE or rather YOU develop some AAA Titles for free then?
      Now our Vita´s are soon completely unchained so surely that should be possible to do for somebody
      as motivated as you are…

    • ismail ghedamsi says:

      Knowing Sony they will still release stupid update to block hacks.

  16. Jeff says:

    Sd2vita takes up the gamecard slot not memory card slot

  17. Taronish3 says:

    They will push new fw after this lands in open air cfw bye bye. Sony will be Sony.

  18. Itachi says:

    So this means that theflow may likely release the CFW of 3.65 it earlier.

  19. NotConslow says:

    pc forever ;p

    • PSTV-wood-sporter says:

      @NotConslow Gee, making a post just to say that is so clever. I’d bet the farm your pc’s keyboard also has many splotches that glow under UV blacklight. What a clown.

    • PSTV-wood-sporter says:

      I’d bet your keyboard has splotches that glow under blacklight. Clown.

      • Spaarks says:

        @PSTV-wood-sporter Calm down Bro. ^^ he is clearly joking. —-> ;P
        why so much hate for pc bro

  20. Zeke says:

    To add a followup comment, as much as the PS4 is this generation’s runaway success – currently at least – for me in many respects it’s the weakest console because the backwards compatibility is all monetized. You want PS2 games you have to buy “remastered” ones, you want PS3 games you need PS Now for a monthly sub on top of PS Plus, if you already pay for that.

    It is literally For Th€ Pa¥£r$ and this is before we even discuss microtransactions that aren’t unique to $ON¥. It’s quite easy to rack up a huge debt trying to build up a decent games library and win your way to success. Although the PS3 wasn’t perfect, it has PS1/PS2/PSP support (the latter a bit limited through hacks, but it’s there) and online wasn’t a paid for thing. Plus it had the last good Gran Turismo game, as in my opinion Gran Turismo Sport is still terrible even after all the patching for a massive 75GB install – cluttered menus, poor driving physics, crippled car tuning features.

    I don’t know, man. I’m soapboxing a bit here, but Sony genuinely do baffle and annoy me probably slightly more than they impress me. I gave my first PS4 to my ex because it just sat under the TV gathering dust and she liked it more than I did, and if they hadn’t released God Of War 4 I probably would have got an Xbox One S to be ready for Red Dead Redemption 2 in a few months time rather than buying a second PS4. It’s the emphasis on Sony monetising the heck out of everything that does my head in, whereas in contrast you get Nintendo who release full price games and then keep adding in new features for no additional charge in some cases like with Splatoon 2. Nintendo get flack from people for the online service being chargeable later in the year, however it’s half of what PS Plus costs even with the notable and foolish omission of Virtual Console (homebrew hacks will give us this all for free anyway).

  21. Taronish3 says:

    I am buying a new PS vita us model soon and see which fw it comes with am a bit confused 1000 or 2000 to buy since I had a 1000 since 2012. Till today I gave to my friend as it got a broken headphones jack.

    • Spaarks says:

      tbh im not sure if there are any “NEW” Vita Modells still availiable for retail price. Most of them i find on ebay, amazon, shoob, etc are very over priced and give no indication of what Firmware they have.
      I got a used one with 3.60 fw from ebay for only 80 $ in the middle of 2017.
      but thats all for EU. not US.

      • kok0ro says:

        in Philippines you can still buy them fo $160 retail, $240-$500 online’dumb’ and $110 or less on marketplace

  22. Scott says:

    If they had any decency theyd push out some final firmware which makes it open source so people can use em however they want.
    Sony though – nevvvvvvvver gonna happen

  23. Algester says:

    the update is real Japan still has a strong connection with the Vita… ok PC ports to the PSV is still happening they maybe eroges yes but they are still physical copies of PSV games are likely to last 3-4 more years in production I wont mind being digital either seeing that making the physical cartridge maybe more expensive with the increase of DRAM & RAM prices assuming that these are the same silicone used for the cartridges over all… yes yes everyone knows the GPU market right now and RAM pricing