Team Xecuter tout their upcoming “SX Family” dongles for the Nintendo Switch


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  1. Baka says:

    nintendo will just release another patch breaking console if not authorised devices are connected

    • TonyHoro says:

      They never do that and they can’t actually do that to already released Switches.

    • Spaarks says:

      You havent been here long have you…..

    • nigerian woman says:

      pathetic peice of trash comment, you dont even know what youre talking about

    • Vampit says:

      The current exploit they are using to enter CFW relies on a hardware exploit caused by the Tegra X1 chip in the Switch. If you still don’t understand, this means that no matter what software update Nintendo pushes, they cannot patch the exploit, they would have to introduce a new hardware revision of the Switch (Which they wont).

  2. LightBringer says:


  3. Firstymcfirst says:


  4. jm8090 says:

    Don’t support this. They’re probably rushing this anyway since they know tons of other hacker have other exploits that achieve the same thing. But unlike them, those other people aren’t desperate enough to take money out piracy.

  5. Reckless0 says:

    I saw $30 somewhere… If that is the price point I don’t see why I wouldn’t do it. Especially since it would stand to reason that this device could be used to boot Atmosphere after it releases.

    The free alternatives will be good, no doubt there, but not having to have my phone and the cables required to boot into Atmosphere is enough reason for me.

    • TouhouLulu says:

      $30 price is just a unsubstantiated rumor, but if it is that cheap I won’t hesitate to pick it up.

      I might just wait for Atmosphere for a completely free solution though.

    • ConsolesareBetter says:

      A Fool and His Money….

      • Chill says:

        how does that make him a fool. People buy senseless things compared to this with tons of money. His entitled to how he spends his money so chillout.

    • Spaarks says:

      i saw 70$ . I dont need a link. i am a legit source.

    • Marre says:

      You always have your phone with you right ? If it’s an android phone you can load payloads on the switch. If it’s a phone with a usb c connection you would only have to bring 1 usb c cable instead of the dongle. A cable that is capable of charging your switch and your phone. (+ How often do you actually turn off your switch completely.) So I get you want the easiest way, but is it really easier ?

  6. Drummerboy says:


  7. wwolo says:

    basically “we’re poor, plz support us” ***

  8. alec says:

    i hope athmospere soon

  9. GunzOfNavarone says:

    This looks cool, but I wonder whether inserting and pulling out the dongle all the time would weaken the usb c port after a while.

  10. Angelus says:

    How are that late to the party? They’ve most likely had the same exploit as Reswitched for the same amount of time. They’ve just chosen to show they’re work now which includes actual hardware. More than what Reswitched and others have shown.

    • TouhouLulu says:

      They have a working backup loader, something no one else has right now. Granted, a free backup loader will come out, and will probably be better.

  11. Scalpitch says:

    Don’t bother with dongle. There will probably be ways of making your own once exploits are ready to be shared unlike teamex

  12. Mr S says:

    They will need to make money on that quick as there will be free ways of doing it shortly after.

  13. Hans says:


  14. TouhouLulu says:

    And it’s here! Piracy is officially on the switch on every current piece of hardware. Plus we got save data backups too!

    Thank you Nintendo for rushing this console out and making it so easy to pirate on.

    The normal user still suffers cause they gotta pay for saves and don’t get VC LOL, you drive us to this point Nintendo with your moronic business practices.

    Can’t wait to never pay for a game again, retroarch because Nintendo can’t provide VC, and free save data backups!

    Hackers doing what Nintendon’t.

    • Durk says:

      If they really wanted to rush it, they would’ve released it during holiday season 2016, and not during the spring 2017. And the fault is Nvidia’s, not Nintendo’s.

      • Jack Attack says:

        It’s both. Nintendo normally works more closely on the hardware. Granted, they’re the most distant compared to Sony and Microsoft who are often much more involved, but still, this was Nintendo’s laziest offering to day.

        They probably spent more time on the joy-con than they did in collaboration with the Switch. It’s exceedingly rare for everything to be so stock.

        I’m sure it had to do with Nintendo not wanting to invest too much money into fab and prototyping but a little research on their end and they’d have known of this vulnerability, which was known to exist, in theory, well before the Switch was announced.

        So, while this is on Nvidia, I wouldn’t say Nintendo is innocent, either. You need to do due diligence and this coupled with them choosing their ridiculous cartridge memory supplier, that offers absolutely NO benefits and has ridiculous costs… Yeah, you have to ask just what was Nintendo thinking this time around.

        Lucky for them, it worked out, but they can’t keep this myopia up.

    • bobrocks says:

      A big congratulations for being a POS my man, I know it was a difficult process but you pulled through huh

    • TonyHoro says:

      Kek, why in every damn post there’s a guy who’s mad and anxious about the gaming industry?

      “huuur duuur take THAT Nintendow! That’s what you get for not let us play your games for free! yeah!”

  15. iro says:

    BigBlueBox is putting following release notes in their nfo:

    ÛÛÛ ÛÛ Release Notes: ÛÛ ÛÛÛ
    ÛÛÛ ÛÛ Time for another Switch release ÛÛ ÛÛÛ
    ÛÛÛ ÛÛ it is ok, we joined it all back up together ÛÛ ÛÛÛ
    ÛÛÛ ÛÛ just so people are Aware, Team Xecuter video featured our dumps ÛÛ ÛÛÛ
    ÛÛÛ ÛÛ Enjoy as Always ÛÛ ÛÛÛ

    So it looks like backups are working

  16. Mister Mister says:

    But yesterday I saw a BRICKED Switch with a violet screen of death. So I do not know if I still trust this thing.

    • mrfuuton says:

      That was due to a user error, not because of the exploit they used. Also, nobody but Team Xecuter has the dongle right now, so the only ways the violet screen could have happened was by either using Hetake’s method, f0f’s method or ReSwitched’s method.

      This is why everyone in the 3dshacks scene recommend that you do NAND backups before loading wares.

    • Iles flottantes façon brexit says:

      Oh dear…Any link to share ?

      I must admit that their device is somewhat tempting for people who don’t have a cellphone to rerun the hack everytime.

      Nevertheless, installing a CFW by yourself is always more satisfying.

    • Spaarks says:

      I saw a bricked switch with a green screen of death. i know what i am talking about. i dont need a link. links are for pussies.

  17. Ayn says:

    Finally, they should’ve released it earlier. But still, with no release date for Atmosphere CFW, I’ll pick it up if it’s $30 or less.

  18. Whoever says:

    I would buy this if it means i dont have to open up the switch and mess with it. Dont really understand the steps for doing it right now, but it doesnt sound like something a noob like me should do. If its cheap enough and there wont be any pure “software” solution to the free hack i dont see why this is a bad thing.

  19. I sense lots of sour grapes in the article lol and I was wondering why it was so late for wololo to share the news since this video was out for while now, guess the attitude of the writer answers that. Too bad I always thought wololo was the best site to share hacking news etc and I trusted them so much but now I wonder if some news, tools or hacks failed to show up here because it doesn’t fit with wololo.

  20. fixingmytoys says:

    umm so i take it you cant use it if you have your switch docked for playing on the big telly , is’t that like a bad design, don’t know about you but 90% of the time my switch is in the dock for the TV

    • FFTW says:

      you can play it on tv. you only need to put the dongle in at startup,then you remove it and re-dock the switch to the tv and start playing.

      personally,i am glad for them and i hope they succeed.

  21. Thetechdoc says:

    I don’t get why everyone hates team xecuter, they make well made products and have been the best creators of all things orginal Xbox and 360 hacking,

    Yeah ok they charge, but they also offer an all in one easy to use product rather than having to do a diy method (take making your own 360 DVD drive probe vs buying one from TX for example)

    If you hate TX but think things like the gateway 3ds are totally fine, then your a hypocrite.

    • FFTW says:

      exactly,and we wouldnt have had a hacked 360 at all if not for them. they rock and they have my respect 🙂

  22. The First says:

    Seems two packages priced at $34.95 or $24.95

    • zzhead says:

      I wonder how they are planning on making their custom firmware hack / crack resistant. I’m willing to bet that if the files are starting to go around the interwebs they will announce that it has a built in killswitch that is rewriting your bootblock on the switch so no one dare to try to use a cracked version.

      The dongle is just the well known rcm hack. The cfw is their only advantage which will soon be obsolete then. Connecting pins 1 / 10 or 9 / 10 together and then connecting an usb type c cable with the tegra rcm hack is no big deal. Building a cfw is, and if someone is not able to wait any longer paying $25 for it is not too a high price.

  23. Truth says:

    Or just buy them on eBay already for $4 with shipping.

  24. IceBerg says:

    Pricing isn’t horrible. My GUESS is that it’s something similar to a teensy but with usb-c connector that runs the exploit. I don’t mind paying 25 bux for the convenience of being able to boot the exploit untethered, or at least sorta untethered.

  25. Demian says:

    Open Source and Free for me please. No marketing will make me change my mind.

  26. Corey says:

    Yesterday, Team Xecuter announced their first 2 products in its Nintendo Switch SX Line: Xecuter SX Pro and Xecuter SX OS.
    I’ve noticed that some website only sells the SX Pro, it means i will have to buy a Xecuter SX OS separately after i get a SX pro ?

  27. Verlain says:


  28. Ididitfirst! says:


  29. I wonder why the price of these websites is so different, I have noticed one here, 47.99€ from here,