TheFlow officially advises on what to do if your PSVita/PSTV is running 3.61-3.68: Firmware 3.65 will become the new FW 3.60 and more!


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  2. Karol

    And what about 3.68 with ARK?

  3. Karol

    And what about 3.63 with ARK?*

    • Dmaskell92

      Dude Henkaku means ARK is obsolete. Adrenaline will probably come packaged with it, because it was created by the same person.

  4. Anonymous

    As mentioned in tbe article, stay on 3.60 until the new exploitis released. It’s the safest and you can re-install enso without losing any data in case something goes wrong.

  5. Poptheweasel100

    Uh… you can play “Backups” on 3.65 just fine. You just need to update your plugins to 3.65 compatible. Please do research before actually writing an article, it can ruin your reputation.

  6. notafan

    Aurora, I hate you so much. Your articles are a damn mess every time.

    • Dmaskell92

      You seem like a fun person at parties

    • Spaarks

      oh shut it

    • Tayshrenn

      You used to be one of the great trolls of our time….what happened?
      “I hate you so much”, “Your articles are a mess”, come on, there’s no real feeling or emotion here. It just seems like you are going through the motions now.
      Maybe it’s time to take a break. Give yourself a couple of months off. Travel for a bit and relax. Then, come back with some of the fresh and clever dialogue that we have come to know from you.

  7. Tulio

    You are on firmware 3.60, for now I personally advise staying there as you can play dumped copies of games that require 3.61-3.65 (albeit illegally) and run all your favourite homebrew/plugins.
    Wait… thats means I can play games intended for firmware 3.61-3.65 on a hacked psvita 3.60 henkaku ins’t it?

    • Shen

      Yes MaiDump can decrypt game. So they can be playable on 3.60.

      The day when MaiDump will run on 3.67-3.68 it will be the same.
      Game 3.61-3.68 will be playable on 3.60.

      • surcof

        just to be clear: if i install maidump, i’ll be able to play games (like Darkest Dungeon or God Wars: Future Past) on my 3.60 vita?
        that would be awesome!!!

  8. Yekk

    I have to say, it’s amazing that I’ve got a PSTV on 6.35 and my PS4 Slim is at firmware 5.05 this week was a great week for me.

  9. Itachi

    How to update from 3.63 to 3.65?
    Patiently waiting for the CFW.

  10. TrickyNinja

    I am on 3.63 OFW, how I’m I able to update to 3.65 OFW?

  11. oreo

    What if I wanna play vita online on psn?
    – upgrade to 3.68 and hope for hack coming .
    – buy a second vita.


    • Oreo and Milk

      There are many ways to go online.
      1. Psn Spoofing which automatically comes preinstalled with Henkaku
      2. Netcheck Bypass (you’ll have to look up what games are compatible)
      3. Proxy Server that you set up on your PC (I use Charles Proxy)
      4. Restore + ReNpDrm (these 2 plugins let you go online)

    • kok0ro

      buy a 2nd vita, usually sells around $100 this days

  12. Leo

    I bought a used PS Vita and the Firmware was on 3.68. Can I permanent hack? Tks!