Are you guaranteed to get a PS4 with firmware 5.05 or lower if you buy it now?


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  1. Ciulpkit bybius kurvos

    Got last ps4 fat from my local store. Guaranteed low firmware. 3.15. Yuppy!

    • spok

      sure if you buy 5 year old phat design with risk of blod – if there wont be a list of SLIM/PRO no-go barcodes then it will be big fail again!

  2. Tiger

    I have the original ps4 on 1.40 of anyone is interested never used just opened to inspect. I recommend for devs to buy this not so much for average ussrs. Only sell locally too.

  3. CremeBrulee

    I got ps4 pro 7116b glacier white with 5.53 fw. 🙁 I hope other people having better luck than me. All i wanted is console that could play not only ps4 games but emulators also. I wish Mathieulh release 5.53 exploit some day. He did awesome job in psp scene, he basically saved my psp because of pandora. Good luck to everyone finding the right console. If money isn’t a problem, consider buying a bundle. 🙂

    • Russell

      Would you be able to provide P and S number?

      It should be something like P-27452560 and S01-131XXXX.

    • Russell

      Do you mind sharing the P/N and S/N?

      P/N should be something like P-27452560-D and S/N should be S01-131XXXX…

  4. warder

    I just followed advice I got on this website exactly. Easy as pie. Find out which bundles are known to be below the firmware you require. Unlike retail stores which are a long shot gamble to find older bundles, just search Amazon for the exact bundle you require. [Discontinued] might be in the product page title and it’s a good indicator that it’s been sitting unsold in a warehouse for a while. There will be buy or used options — ALWAYS buy brand new. If you’re hesitant, you should be able to email the seller to verify that’s it’s brand new & sealed. I bought the Uncharted 4 bundle from this link for $325 back in March (it’s $350 now) and the firmware was 3.55. Updated to 4.55 the day I got it. Now, my biggest problem is wondering if I should buy a below 5.05 PS4 Pro online and sell the PS4 slim that I purchased. LOL

  5. Jacinto

    I ordered a PS4 pro from Germany. Still waiting for it to arrive!

    I haven’t heard about a PS4 pro from Europe with higher than 5.05
    They are hard to come by so I’m assuming Sony is prioritizing the USA.

  6. Lollypop

    2questions ??
    Do we get a psvita recovery sprx ?
    Do we get a ps4 recovery skprx ?
    What about psp popstation and future consoles ?
    Do we get cxbx Xenia rpcs3 for Xbox and xbox360 and ps3 onto the ps4 payload or ps4 Mira cfw ???

  7. Lollypop

    That would-be

  8. RyoX

    i bought a ps4 pro cuh-7116 back in December, still in box and on 4.73.

  9. Jack Attack

    Seems like the BFII bundles will finally sell out now.

  10. RazorX

    i need to try to find the software and recovery pup for 5.05 so i can update my ps4 from 5.01 when this comes out

  11. Finalman

    Purchased 2 pros within the last month. Both CUH-7102 Australian models. Both Date code 8A. One on firmware 4.73 and the other 5.03.

    • brett

      did you buy them from jb hifi ? I am aussie as well and the model they have is cuh-7102bb01

      what serial number is yours ?

      thanks mate

  12. Axido

    Already bought a Pro when the 4.55 kexploit came out and went online with it. I guess with Mira Project this time around PS4 Remote Play will finally be coming to unactivated consoles, but if not I’m fine. That’s all I personally care for.

  13. REYMON

    FISRT!! SRT!!!

  14. Ross

    I got my PS4 Pro Destiny bundle that is on FW 4.70 a month ago. It was purchased to gather dust and to salvage its larger hard drive for my non Pro 4.55 version while a kernel exploit was released. I guess Its gonna be sooner than I anticipated. The PS4 Pro destiny bundle should in most cases be 4.70 CUH 7016B which is the older mobo model and it is less likely to suffer from coil wine but on the downside the fans a reported to be a bit louder than the newer cheaper to manufacture CUH 71xx models.

  15. ZeroFX

    Mine is 4.73 🙂

  16. ryuu

    Are the new PS4’s with new firmware have new boxes?, a PS4 PRO with a light blue box came with 3.50 and a PS4 PRO with a dark blue box and gold 4K HDR logo came with 4.70, maybe the new design on the box will help differentiating the PS4’s?

  17. 5serop

    Anyone has bought Fifa bundle? With what firmware they come??

    • cOcO

      Bought 2 on october last year from amazon uk, Sony PS4 500 GB FIFA 18 Bundle with FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Icons and Rare Player Pack, and both came with fw 4.73 or 4.78, can’t exactly remember. Definitely good to go though

  18. TheStrizler

    The morning the 5.05 FW jailbreak/homebrew was announced I went to GameStop to pickup a PS4 Pro. I ended up pulling the trigger on a CUH-7115B Glacier White. While I was looking over the packaging, I noticed GameStop has a sticker which basically has a bar code and calls out a few things “PlayStation 4 (1TB) Pro White”, “NEW”, “(2) 161789”, some Power Up member things and a date of “03/05/18”.

    My question is, has anyone tried to figure out dates on labels from retailers like GameStop?

    I haven’t opened the box yet, waiting on the official 5.05 release and $400 for a dice roll for a 5.05 OFW PS4 is a little too rich for my blood. I know there are a lot of questions pertaining to is my device going to be 5.05, but I am looking for a resource I haven’t been able to find.

    • Charles Fasano

      The date on the label is when that label was printed. Gamestop doesn’t generally print out labels before the item is in the store so it would be my guess that they got it somewhere around March 5th 2018 if it was bought in the US. Also look at the seal and see if it looks like it was resealed. I’ve bought consoles from GameStop that had a broken seal under a fresh seal.

      • Michael

        Great tip! I actually returned a new Call Of Duty bundle to get the White Pro under the assumption nothing was shipping with with >5.05. When I returned the bundle, they cut the seal to make sure everything was in there!

        Seeing that 5.50 OFW was released 03/08/18, someone braver than me looking for a retail priced Pro might want to check out the sticker on GameStop machine.

  19. A7mag3ddon

    Top Tip : buy second hand so you can check the firmware first.

  20. Joe

    I can confirm that PS4 Pro GoW edition comes with fw 4.73

  21. Seglong

    I’m from indo and yes ps4 pro god of war bundle with base fw 4.73

  22. Adam

    Purchased PS4 Pro today in Sweden, with firmware 4.73.
    What is the next step ? Should i update to firmware 5.05 ?

    • Jack Attack

      Just relax until something is actually released. No need to be prepared yet beyond just having the lowest firmware you can get.

  23. n0er

    if you have a broken blu-ray good luck getting to 5.xx

  24. Eli

    Got a pro at target has 4.70 the employee said it was a God of war bundle
    It was not so the manager gave me 10% off. I got it for $359.99
    Great buy!!!!!

  25. Wroxtar

    I purchased a ps4 pro from a local dealer which is on 4.70. Am I good to go? Does this SpecterDev tweet regarding 5.05 has anything to be happy about for me.

  26. weirdguy

    got a PS4 pro Destiny 2 pro bundle 4.50

  27. Your Mom

    Just bought a PS4 Slim about a week ago in California with FW 5.07. Been trying to fire out what this is. Anyway to dump it?