Nintendo Switch: Checkpoint Save Manager ported to the Switch and goes open-source; Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Save Editor Released!


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  1. helloworld says:

    Wow!Finally can backup my saves again!Thanks again homebrew devs!

    • NintendoSwitch says:

      LOL, feel bad for the idiots that have to pay $20 for save backups and ancient VC games, while hackers get to do it for free. Leave it to Nintendo to drive people to hack.

  2. FFTW says:

    great to hear that!

    my biggest hope is that we get an app that allows us to unlock amiibo content in all games without having the specific amiibos needed,as amiibos are not sold in my country.

  3. JiminiCricket says:

    And here we go! Something Nintendo is too braindead to add done for free by hackers, thanks Bernardo!

  4. Ferky says:

    Cool, Mario kart online cheaters got all that they want… Im not going to play more Mario kart online… And i dont think i Will not buy or play monster Hunter on switch and other online games… 20$ tha i Will safe from online server

  5. Xaliax says:

    Use with discretion, it is backing up the saves ok, but the restore function is giving errors.

  6. Crzo says:

    “Like Sony with the PSVita, Nintendo also thinks that it’s funny to lock down saves on a device and not provide an easy official way to back them up locally.”

    Well, Sony offered the option to backup saves to your PC and transfer them between systems via CMA.

    Is kind of unfair to put them in the same level, when the switch has no way at all to backup saves or transfer them between systems, but the vita actually did.

    • Aurora says:

      Yeah, I know it’s not the same but on the Vita, you had to back up the entire game so it’s still not an easy way.

      I agree however, it’s not as bad but it’s still stupid and bad.

  7. mmm says:

    can someone share the switch rno ?
    the link only shows the 3ds version and the path i found isn’t workin

    • Xaliax says:

      They are fixing some bugs and adviced all to stop using the app. They will do a re-release soon.