PS4 hack: Mathieulh states he has a 5.53 Kernel exploit


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  1. Predator0808

    Today PS4 scene is on fire again 🙂
    Good work all devs!

  2. Ryan

    What about if I am on 5.53-01, is the exploit fixed in this case?

  3. Maz

    I hope this one isn’t patched for a little while. 5.05 makes it easy enough for anyone to get hold of and should do for a good while IMO, then hopefully late in the year/early next something new is available.

  4. Messy

    “Oh no someone else is getting attention for his 5.05 release! Talk about me instead!!”

  5. haliluia

    Moar free gamez

  6. Magusar

    I hope it works on 5.53-01 I updated it the other day to play online :/

    • azoreseuropa

      Seriously ? I dont care about the online.. never was and never will. Online sucks! I love to play offline so I can watch the ending and be proud!

  7. NuclearGhandi

    Guys, don’t party just yet.

    That dude doesn’t like to share. If you think qwertyuiop is bad, this guy is WAY worse.

  8. PU55YD35TR0Y3R

    PU55Y W1LL0W PU55Y W1LL0W PU55Y W1LL0W


  9. N

    Why bother reporting on this? Did you forget what he did in the ps3 scene? Claims he had anexploit and would release it but never did and admitted to having nothing

  10. Whadisay

    Mathieulh……. um, ya, cause this guy is well known for being a team player.

  11. Mehran

    I just need play god of war 4 just this

  12. lien

    What did he do?

  13. Sgdje

    He is lier

  14. Axido

    Good thing my Pro is on 5.05 and activated. Because it’s unlikely that anyone will ever benefit from those news… even if he’s actually saying the truth.

  15. ayn

    This guy never released exploit that he claims to have. Only after it’s leaked/release by others where he’ll claim credit. Don’t give him the attention.

  16. qwertyoruiopz

    No he deosn’t

  17. Not Axido

    Why do these hackers seem to think keeping their hacks private is the issue? Didn’t the Switch exploit show that is clearly not the case? The community just doesn’t want to hear about your achievements until you actually have something to show. You wouldn’t publish a paper without evidence and sources to back up your work so why on earth would you think its okay to go out to the community and basically say, “Hey, I got the latest and greatest exploit, no I don’t have a reason to tell you this information right now, I just wanted you all to know that I could do it, and I want you to like me because of it.”

    • Bela lugosi

      Same here, I’m really disappointed in wololo to give this guy attention. He is just talk, he doesn’t have the collective thinking of sharing what he finds and make the community grow.

  18. ConsolesareBetter

    Let’s not forget the time he conned people out of money to buy a dev unit and then did F all with it.

  19. ayn

    Because Sony sued Goehot. These guys don’t want to get on Sony’s bad side but they also want the fame so they don’t release things anonymously. Look at some of the biggest achievements of the PS3 scene after Geohot got sued, lv0 key is released anonymously. The PSV jailbreak was leaked anonymously. The Nintendo Switch bootrom hack was leaked anonymously. Fail0verflow would’ve never released the hack even after they disclosed to Nintendo. We can’t expect these devs to release these hacks publically (due to the possiblity of getting sued) but they also want fame which excluded the possiblity of them releasing it anonymously.

  20. mathieulh

    Look. it’s real. However, there will be a price. $14.99 through paypal for code to unlock.

  21. bel3atar

    am I the only waking making a difference beween “hinting he likely has access to a 5.53 Kernel exploit” and “states he has a 5.53 Kernel exploit”?
    English isn’t my first language though

  22. bel3atar

    am I the only making a difference between “hinting he likely has access to a 5.53 Kernel exploit” and “states he has a 5.53 Kernel exploit”?
    English isn’t my first language though

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