PS4: PSP Games and Homebrews might come to your hacked PS4 soon


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25 Responses

  1. BlumCoLe

    Yes, Baby!

  2. AidsyMcGree

    Now we just need to inject HIV into Hillary Clinton

  3. fernando

    ppsspp yeeaa!!!!!

  4. mten666

    The japanese only Star Ocean 2 is also the PSP version, but since it’s japanese, nobody tried to look into it. It’s not even available for HEN.

  5. FFTW

    that is pretty cool! hopefully a good amount of games can run 😀

  6. Lololololo

    Yeah thats exactly what the scene was asking for: PSP emulator for PS4. Imo 1000x better than 5.05 exploit.

    • stOneskull

      using the old psp python and pygame, it’s a way to make something for the big screen

  7. Your mom

    Im gonna inject hiv into your mom aidsymcgree. Good progress on ps4 though.

  8. Alty


  9. Speedster

    I wish ps3 emulation will be also available similarly for ps4.

    • mhdj14

      PS3 emulation will never happen on the PS4. The RPCS3 on PC needs serious horse power just to run half decent. We are talking about i7 8700, gtx 1080, 16+ GB memory. The PS4 processor is a horrible tablet cpu, and almost every mid range PC from 10+ years ago will have a better one. At most you will be able to run a game at 2 fps with no sound…

      • Maracuya_Peru

        so if the PS4 processor is just a tablet cpu, that means the PS3 one is less powerful .. so why do emulation needs an i7, 16gb+ ram, gtx 1080, etc to run PS3 games? I never understood that

        • Maracuya_Peru

          to emulate something you need something a X times more powerfull, and the ps3 cpu is a mess

  10. CweLe

    Gonna play CSPSP online hahah1!1!!

  11. FreePlay

    That’s amazing! Great find and great work, all!

  12. Nickthelastsaiyan

    My ccocckk just blew up into a full blown Amazonian mushroom!

  13. Brian

    Stop the madness! Who cares about this PSP and Game Boy emulators, when you can run them on 20 years old PC? When the real homebrew like Fun Control to make your PS4 last longer, Movian to watch 3D movies in VR, PS3 controller emulator like HID2VPAD on WiiU. No, seriously?

  14. Lain32

    Sound like it works somewhat like the older PS3 PSP Remastered games, maybe this time we can see how replacing the low-res PSP textures with hi-res ones work. Hopefully more games work this time as the PS3’s list is not the best, but what does end up working looks great.