Steam and Kodi showcased running on PS4 4.55 (Linux)


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10 Responses

  1. naji

    WOW!! amazing stuff. Thanks to all developers ..

  2. BossTheCobra

    I wish I could see RetroArch running on this.

  3. z2


    Hope a good CFW, back-up loader and .pkg installer comes next.

  4. seasidebaz

    @wololo bizarre PS4 behaviour with a connected device… didn’t know how to contact, drop me an email

  5. Derp

    Party Hard would be awesome on a Ps4, gotta have sound though! Plz work on linux sound

  6. Adam

    The sound issues could be the result of the strong movement by groups like Mozilla, SystemD and PulseAudio teams to override or bypass ALSA. Some of us had to move from Firefox to Palemoon for stable audio and extra battery life…
    So If they, team SLR, have included PulseAudio, removing it may stabilize the sound but break some apps, especially apps that take exclusive control of the sound.

    • Adam

      Sorry if what I wrote seems incorrect… I am aware they know what they’re doing… I’m presuming they built or modified the distro the standard way.
      Now I’m considering a PS4… I’m a PC gamer at current 😉

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