Duke Nukem 3D ported to the Nintendo Switch by Cpasjuste: Blast those alien bastards who shot up your ride on Nintendo’s latest console!


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  1. Gatecrasher says:


  2. DBG says:

    Gearbox (current IP holders) isn’t really interested in the classic game. archive dot org/details/Duke_Nukem_3D_Complete_Version_3D_Realms_1996

  3. Rolenzorol says:

    Shake it baby!

  4. asf says:

    is Duke anything like the gta series?

    • z2 says:

      dood, are you living under a rock.

      it’s like a doom game.

      • sj33 says:

        Is Duke anything like Tetris?

      • Adam says:

        z2: To be fair, not everyone who is old enough to both play games and comment on wololo.

        ASF: Open cities… yep kina like a rudimentary GTA… missions… nope, no GTA missions, instead you get levels, if my childhood memories serve well.

        Fun thought for the day: Us 90’s kids and millennials get mixed up sometimes… mainly because we were born within the same generation period before this modern “multi-generation” like generation that seems prevalent today (a second generation-X? i.e. undefinable? :-D).

        • lol says:

          There is the almightly God and Lord of the internet….aka Google and Youtube that could of easily answered his questions.

  5. bom says:

    What about a vita port?

  6. SeanP2500 says:

    turns out it crashes in docked mode but portable works just fine

  7. Duke Nukem so nostalgic!

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