NXLoader released: Run Fusée Gelée (RCM) payloads on your Switch from your Android device!


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  1. SsJVasto

    This article isn’t displayed when I visit wololo.net on my phone… Kind of ironic…

    • Aurora

      I have no idea why that happens. Perhaps your browser loads a cached version of the site?

      It shows up just fine on my iPod Touch.

  2. joshua r hernandez

    Does it matter whether 3.0 usb or 2.0 usb?

  3. First


  4. Alibaster

    Sweet, love how easy it is to pwn the Switch now.

  5. bort

    Can I just use a (phone)USB c to (switch)USB c cable?

    • lol

      No, he tells you the cable you have to use. Why ask? lol

      • Renato

        Why not exactly? He says about an USB OTB adapter, but AFAIK it was a technology created in the USB 2.0 era. It is still needed when using USB-C?

  6. G-dog

    Selling my Nexus 5 here !

  7. deeman

    The only issue I see with this is how the switch is not usb c compliant and nintendo’s tendency toward using micro fuses around the charging port/usb c plug. One must keep this in mind when haking the switch that this is the case and using cables/chargers that are not from the big N could leave your system as a fancy door stop instead of an awesome multi system portable. Though I’m sure most here already know this. Just keep this in mind everyone when you are messing with these things.

    Also though the switch is far more powerful, the hacking scene is still in it’s infancy for the switch, and the Vita is still far more stable in those regards at this point. Just trying to put some perspective to this. And if Nintendo starts remote bricking (which it is alluded to in the eula of the switch and even the 3ds) Or just outright banning the consoles from online usage(including but not limited to online play, access to the eshop or even wildly unlikely, access to wireless at all),for running unsigned code (or piracy for that matter) then there’s going to be a big *** storm.

    Really when Nintendo made the switch, they were hedging their bets on it being secure, even to the point of setting bug bounties. I guess they were not expecting their console to have a hardware bug that was exploitable within the Nvidia chip they used. Now it’s going to cost Nintendo a lot of money to make a new hardware revision (which they likely already were due to the Bricking systems from the non usb c compliance issue). But hey, they are in it for the money. A bricked system usually means another sale for them since they won’t warranty them.

    Anyway, to the brave and clever hackers out there working tirelessly to exploit all these heavily locked down devices, I salute you and your efforts to free these devices and open then to new realms of possibility never thought of by their creators. To those venturing into it just for kicks and piracy, I say beware, for the waters are dangerous and not fully charted. Do not venteure forth seeking gold as you may get sunk before you get there.

  8. Paulo

    works with any version

  9. NeoTechni

    So what do we do once it shows the (re)switched screen? That’s all I get it to do