RetroArch 1.7.2 released – Better latency than the console you’re emulating, DirectX cores and driver improvements, proper menu scaling on large displays and more!


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13 Responses

  1. Jonatan

    And again No n64 for Vita? Its over a year now. What a shame.

  2. pharredd

    any chance we get street fighter 3rd strike running at full speed?

  3. swASX

    retropie for raspberry?
    support ppsspp with directx?

  4. Mike

    Where the heck is xbox 360

  5. Blade Hunter

    So will the input lag reduction find its way to the RetroPie Libretro cores? The Pi is plagued by lag but I think it’s more than 2 frames on this device.

  6. Pirate Cat

    I’d never before seen such a purposely obtuse interface until I tried RA. It’s amazing that it’ll have taken them so long to finally add a proper one for the largest platform on the planet.

  7. jack

    can anyone who updates on vita tell me if there’s any big improvements?

  8. MartinKer

    Hellow my name is MartinKer. Wery proper post! Thx 🙂