PS4: Weird firmware update 5.5.3-01 triggers questions, allegedly fails to install in some cases


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27 Responses

  1. Ernest Bausch says:


  2. The First Guy says:


  3. اکبر says:


  4. Wextasy says:

    5.53 will be hack in future

    • ^lol says:

      Keep dreaming kid, PS4 has good security.

      • duh says:

        Uh, you must be unfamiliar with how security patching works, which is exactly what this looks like given the size, firmware version, and the behavior that doesn’t reboot the console.

  5. Unknown says:

    the update file size is 459.9MB not 70MB thats whats im seeing on my console.

    • Leko says:

      Mines 459.9 mb also but i also havent installed . also monster hunter v3.01 requires it to install.

  6. First says:

    It could be to finally kill off the vita 🙁

  7. DS_Marine says:

    No, you were not.

  8. Bawbag says:

    This update reset my console as if it was fresh out the box, but all my info/saves etc were there after the time/language/internet settings etc. Weird..

  9. Its for God of War says:

    Wololo, I can confirm its for God of War, my copy arrived today and I downloaded the game update, but it won’t let me install the game update until I have installed this system update 5.53-01

  10. Sparkcakes says:

    Imagine they had to immediatly release a hotfix because their latest firmware allowed a system exploit to be triggered trough GOW (savegame function or whatever)

  11. dameros says:

    5.53 isn’t installed on my console (5.50) and yet it tried to DL this 5.53-01 all the same yesterday

    • DBG says:

      Likewise; this would probably explain the difference in sizes people are seeing from the update as well (depending on their base fw). Hotfixes are seen all the time, but on the level of game updates. The fact that this update has an odd naming scheme and is failing on at least some systems has the classic signs of a rushed release.

      Oh and a random reply to an earlier comment; all versions of the PS4’s security will be cracked one day. I cannot predict into the extreme future, but as of now, if humans can create something, then another passionate and skilled group of humans will be able to bypass said thing. Things get tricky when it comes to network services due to the limitations of knowledge that can be extracted/obtained from the users’ end, but as long as hardware can be poked and prodded offline, it just keeps a lot of people in business as well as providing a fun hobby :).

      Support the game developers that produce the products you like! Tinkering/hacking and being a legal owner of gaming titles are not mutually exclusive acts (regardless of what industry watchdogs say). <= apologies for the rambling post; I'm trying to look busy in a boring design meeting

  12. fullerSpectrum says:

    This update is 459.9MB for me… Weird.

  13. Gayman says:


  14. Brandon Cruickshank says:

    As I can tell the update is for notifications of friends who just came online, I just had this firmware install and as soon as i went onto my friends list via ps4 a pop up came up and said we will notify you when friends come online, WAY TO GO SONY WE GOTTA HAVE THE XBOX FEATURES RIGHT 😛

    • DBG says:

      That’s something that appeared way back in firmware 3.50 (same version that allowed you to appear offline) but I do remember it visibly more hyped (and enhanced in some way) in more recent versions.

    • Crzi says:

      I have had that feature for a long time dude, you probably jyst didn’t notice it *_*

  15. Joao Pedro says:

    hm nice day to launch that 5.05 kexploit, don’t u guys think ?

  16. Seferotov says:

    To keep long story short – we have stupid laws in Russia.
    Government been real IpBan-happy lately.
    After loading update my download/upload dropped slightly, but connection became more stable.
    Maybe some sort of VPN update?

  17. VampDude says:

    It downloaded to my console yesterday, or possibly the day before and I turned off the automatic install feature because it looked weird (with the extra numbers) and I’m happy with 5.50 for now, since I can still access the store and play my games.