Nintendo Switch: ktemkin releases Fusée Gelée exploit chain (compatible with all firmwares) + writeup


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23 Responses

  1. Tony

    So wait.. we have to do the wire trick every single time we want to run unsigned code etc including atmosphere or will there be a permanent solution?

    • wololo

      Seems like you need to do it every single time, but that in itself can be permanent: as mentioned in the writeup, one option is to remove the eMMC board. (+ imagine plugging in a tiny usb dongle to feed the payload). That’s pretty permanent.

      • FreePlay

        Am I missing something? I can’t find any description of this wire trick anywhere.

        • wololo

          Fail0verflow are mentioning it on their twitter account. It’s the “home” button that’s actually a bit trick to “press” given that it’s not actually a button.

    • billy

      Unless ur on 3.0 wich uses the webkit exploit to launch other exploits

  2. switch

    There will be permanent solutions, fail0verflow already showed off an unreleased coldboot hack

  3. johan johansson

    Does this means that we o 4.1.0 can update to 5.0.1 or shall we stay on 4.1 for now?

  4. Andres

    Any reason to stay on 3.0.0 any more or can I update to get support for my 200 GB ad card?

  5. jimbo

    Again, kate temkin is a he. You can’t hack your dna. A dude in drag is still a he