Atmosphere CFW for Nintendo Switch is not ready yet, but now “everyone” can help


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  1. 14mR0gu3


  2. Cypherous

    If i had any skills of value i would offer to help but alas i do not 🙁

  3. Pkrky

    In what language is written?

  4. supergun

    Well thank god i have tools to dump my NAND

  5. TouhouLulu

    Despite Nintendo’s “efforts” every FW will have the chance to be free.

    This is it, so close to the golden era of the Switch, can’t wait!

    • MonHun

      This is in just a year too… Pretty fantastic this is all coming out so soon.

    • Every firmware with this bootrom because Nintendo is selling already a fixed bootrom.
      Please don’t spread not accurate info while you repeat the same thing like a broken disk.

      • TouhouLulu

        “Nintendo is selling already a fixed bootrom.”

        No they are not, fool, all the millions of “Erista” switches currently out there are affected.

        The “Mariko” revision is NOT being sold currently, do some basic research before making false claims. There is zero evidence supporting it, sorry kid.

        • CFW

          Correct, there is a new model of Switch which purportedly fixes the bootrom issue, but Nintendo is not selling it yet.

          Anyone can buy a Switch now and for the next couple of months (it’ll take some time before the updated T214 gets manufactured).

          Plenty of Switches that will be affected by this issue now and for some time, grab one while you can!

        • Is this a joke? If you go in a shop to buy a Switch and come with firmware 5.0 is Mariko. A Mariko revision with 4.1.0 cannot exist. It depends on the stocks lying in shops and the firmware is >one month old.
          You are creating false hope.
          Those who want to buy a switch buy it now and pay no attention to TouhouLulu. It’s a troll.

          • TouhouLulu

            Don’t listen to this idiot, who fails to provide proof of the Mariko revision (it is being developed, but doesn’t exist yet).

            But yes, buy it sooner rather than later, so you can hack it and never have to worry about dealing with Nintendo’s pointless updates and can enjoy your Switch.

          • Dis

            I got my switch last Friday from a retail shop (BB) and it had 4.x on it. (Probably 4.1.0 but I didn’t check, no plans to hack it until its old and crusty.)

  6. It was already open to public. The point is that ScrieM is desperate now.

    • ^BrainDeadSheep

      Love the taste of your salty tears 🙂

      • Please TouhouLulu/^lol why defend this people? They lied for a month omitting the existence of the hardmod and now making believe that the cfw is not ready. June 15th? lol no

        • ^lol

          Says the kid who lies that he can go out and buy a Mariko switch right now even though they are not available for purchase yet XD

          • Aliens exist!

            Firmware 5.0 has *** in it set up in preparation for the Marino revision, but the new hardware HAS NOT been released yet. That kid has zero idea what he’s talking about. Took me 10 minutes to google that and have a definitive answer.

        • Dmaskell92

          Lol why are you still using my channel URL as your name?

    • Al

      Desperate for what? The guy works for free and just like to do things for the challenge of doing so. Care to explain why is he desperate?

  7. First

    I am to honored to have received the first award

  8. Mo Po

    Is this going to be for all firmwares?

    • Aliens exist!

      All currently existing firmware are exploitable as it is a hardware issue. Kate T only said later firmware may be a bit less user friendly, essentially.

  9. First

    Here I stand broken hearted, I came to code but instead farted

  10. Abraham

    RIP any hopes of having any decent AAA ports on the switch

    • Vic-20

      Hacking never affected Wii sales

      • Abraham

        yeah but it didn’t have decent AAA games most had the gimmick of motion controls

        Wii u floped as it is 3rd party developers hardly like to work with Nintendo the switch was very enticing but now that it’s already been exploited I think that’s going to make third-party developers think twice before partnering up with Nintendo due to the fact that their product may be pirated and won’t sell very good

        • hsblessplz

          You realise that what you said make no sense. Why would they still develop for PC and the PS4 which has also been exploited and can run homebrew…. Only a matter of time for the Xbox One.

        • Mikael Forsberg

          Because the Wii hardware sucked in comparison, there was no chance of porting anything. It’s not because of piracy.
          Now, the Switch hardware also sucks in comparison, but at least it’s similar and easier to accomplish.

  11. Johan

    is it safe to update system to 5.0.2 and get the CFW this summer or shall I stay on 4.1.0?