Nintendo Switch: Tegra X1 Bootrom leaked, could precipitate Custom Firmware release


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  1. TouhouLulu

    Hahaha fantastic news, thanks Nvidia and Nintendo! Can’t wait for this summer!

  2. TouhouLulu

    Gotta love Nintendo for always using trash security, Switch fully hacked in just a year!

    Can’t wait for CFW so I can use my Switch to it’s fullest capabilities despite Nintendo’s useless updates trying to lock people out 🙂

    • CFW

      CFW doesn’t allow piracy. You must wait someone for writing a games loader for the CFW.

      • TroloLulu

        Maybe you had good intentions but TroloLulu is, in fact, a troll. Every news he repeat the same thing over and over again. In reality he makes cheap console war.
        TroloLulu enjoy some free games on Switch finally you will play good games insteaf of budget movies.

      • TouhouLulu

        I know, that will follow soon after though, it always does.

    • TehCupcakes

      Using a Tegra chip is not “poor security”, nor does the existence of exploits imply that Nintendo should have known better. There is a difference between finding an obscure flaw in a device and the device being poorly designed. NVIDIA is at the pinnacle of chip design, but even they are human. This is a very rare occurrence that happens to impact the Switch only because they decided to outsource their chips from NVIDIA – a very economical and reasonable decision.

      • UseYourBrain

        Pinnacle of chip design yet every Switch is exploitable thanks to it, that’s the very definition of poor security. You don’t see this problem with any other modern console.

        Regardless of FW, the Switch can be fully exploited, lol.

  3. Steliosaa

    Thank you wololo for the news! So glad that we have you.

    No need to link anything here! We use this site just for VERIFIED RELIABLE news! No need to risk the shutdown of this website!

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Demian

    I still can’t understand why would that leak “force/precipitate” the release of already announced CFWs. Doing such thing would, without any doubt, result on uncomplete and buggy CFWs, and even more, that would mean that the possibility of causing major issues with the system would increase exponentialy, and that, is something not desirable in any way.

    As already stated, that leak is useless for the “common people”, and it might help researching for even more ways to temper the Switch. Being the first to release a CFW doesn’t make it the best by default. Ask about early CFWs for the 3DS and you’ll understand my point..

  5. Dmaskell92

    How ironic, the files are .IDC lmao
    I really hate Nintendo’s direction they’ve chosen to take.

    • Binbot

      This is not a Nintendo specific file format.

      What exactly did they do, lol? Nothing has really changed with Nintendo since the DS (the Nintendo I got to experience personally) – and of course they wouldn’t want any of their systems to be vulnerable.

      • Dmaskell92

        I wasn’t suggesting Nintendo created the .IDC format. I was referring to how I don’t care about the switch or its exploits, but I still read every Wololo article.

        Also by direction I mean wanting too much money for cheap gimmicks, and pushing lame games. Have you seen that ball counting game?

        • M o r o n

          Yes I saw it. Like I saw Zelda, Splatoon, Mario Odissey and I will see Metroid. Go f**k yourself idiot.

        • Dmaskell92 who is signed up on every ps hacking site on this earth and who write articles on sony console speaks of a one year old launch collection of mini games and pretends to forget other major games launched and “hurr durr muh powa grafix” to push his agenda. HOW SURPRISE!

          • Dmaskell92

            My anti Nitendo agenda? I’m pretty sure I’m allowed an opinion, and don’t have to follow all the cows who’re jumping from the cliff. I’ll shout from the rooftops that Nintendo has been going in circles, and their hardware is sub par to the competition.

            Thanks for the shout-out, don’t forget to subscribe.

    • CFW

      Many hacking experts here.

  6. FFTW

    glad to hear that. will most likely buy a switch when the full hack is released(especially considering that nintendo will most likely release a hardware revision that fixes this exploit.
    hope it is released soon 🙂

  7. Binbot

    Lmao *** off, she was just trying to prevent other parties from being able to exploit every device out there that uses the same hardware – since there’s not only “cool” hacking like CFWs.
    Are you that mad you can’t pirate stuff immediately cause people don’t want malware on every device that uses the same hardware that you gotta get personal? That’s pretty pathetic.

  8. Brandon

    Someone released the bug too, with a very small writeup

  9. Sohel

    what is .idc ?

  10. Sohel

    what is .idc

  11. daidin

    Hi there,

    Kate strikes back and released on test POC payload + docu.

    Scripts here :

    @ Wololo, hello from France, cheers guy

  12. daidin


  13. Switch ehhh

    I’d love to be excited about this. The problem is that there is nothing for the Switch that hasn’t been repeatedly nostalgia released to death by Nintendo. Having a *** over the backgrounds in Zelda isn’t that enticing either.

    • Karma

      It’s gonna be free so why does it matter, just pirate everything! It’s what Nintendo deserves for holding back basic features like a web browser and save data backups, the fools.

    • M o r o n

      Go play your playstation idiotic fanboy and don’t pretending you’re not.

    • lel

      I like playstation fanboy fake concern because now nobody will casre about their console.

  14. Spandaman

    Reminds me when reloaded got leaked and many ppl soft bricked lol… patient ppl got a fully working version

  15. HypeTrain!

    Wow, so much great news coming out today. Can’t wait for the Switch to finally be free of Nintendo’s shackles.

  16. DickButt



  17. Yoloswagmaster

    Now we just need a port of the Nvidia Shield OS so we can play the tegra optimized half life 2 and portal ports

      • yoloswagmaster

        Congratulations, it’s almost like they use the same chipset aka Tegra X1, which means their instruction set is the same eh? Also android runs on ARM/Tegra X1 as the shield does so stop being a ***. And if you’re referring to LINUX IS AN ANDROID KERNEL, the *** game is optimized for the nvidia shield meaning you could tweak it and run it on the switch/android os/tegra x1. Where’s the proof of concept that android is running on the switch? Oh wait there isnt, idiot.

  18. I am glad to hear that Tegra X1 is out for us. Even though it is not official, but I am happy with the news

  19. swapnali

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