PS4: Dat/UnDat tools released to decrypt/encrypt index.dat file


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21 Responses

  1. Jeremytonder says:

    Would be nice to log in so I can use Remoteplay again

  2. KamenGuy says:

    They are uncompiled on GitHub, but this seems very useful

  3. Vahid says:

    I need this feature for remoteplay Activision

  4. dasf says:


  5. Erfan says:

    We are still waiting for 5.05 kernel exploit

  6. lollypop says:

    please fitgirl repack dat/undat encrypt decrypt me a …
    a windows injection payload bin lol
    a ps4 windows injection payload lol
    a dat undat unidad encryption decryption loop for the whole wormhole.
    great work
    keep up the phaze

  7. Brock says:

    Could this lead to spoofing firmware versions to allow games that require above 4.55+ to play on 4.55 or lower? ie Yakuza 6 (US) requires a min version of 4.76.

    • RazorX says:

      spoofing the ps4 software version has nothing to do with being able to play games that require a higher version than whats installed

  8. Not4me says:

    God of War is here so i am not going to wait anymore on 5.03
    Bye bye lame hacking scene

    • chadyo says:


    • Albert C says:

      Def worth it, I gave up too being that I was already past 4.05 or whatever and not waiting for anything on 5.05. God of War is *** amazing, btw. It is hands down the best looking game I have ever seen, especially in 4K/HDR!! The action and combat is just “crunchy” and brutal and awesomely satisfying!

    • Lelolo says:

      You’re in the right. Here is full of pirates.

  9. doublespaces says:

    And this is why I build my games collection on Xbox. Its much more reliable in terms of online cheating and gameplay.

  10. lollypop says:

    really seriously
    a bin payload setup.exe installer
    from the windows media creation installer iso
    and maybe allso a bin payload … version of windows10 itself lol
    decrypt encrypt dat undat unidad
    and maybe allso the complete orbis for pc lol