Nintendo Switch 5.0.2 update released


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  1. ScrimeM

    Update the console to THE LATEST FIRMWARE! 5.0.2 too! With the bootrom bug ALL firmwares are hackable. It’s useless and fuc***g moronic stay on a lower firmware and play nothing for the sake of waiting.

    • lolololololo

      “Reverse engineering is a painful and long process however, and there’s no guarantee an exploitable bug would actually be found in Nvidia’s SoC. If one exists, it’s not even sure this will be used in the next steps of Switch hacking”

      yeah everyone listen to this Rtard, because he knows everything and can send you 5.0.2 CFW.

      • Captain

        Funny how you’re quick to point a finger and call someone a Rtard. If you did the simplest search on the internet you would know that there’s a bug in NVidias SoC that cannot be patched (since its located on a Read-Only section of that chip). Only way to flash a patch would be with a new hardware revision. Please do your research before being stupid.
        The hack would work with this new firmware.

        • Maav

          We can’t be sure if the Tegra exploit will be used as the entry point for when the Switch gets hacked. It’s better to be safe and stay on a lower version if this comes to be the case.

          • ScrimeM

            Is this a joke? THE TEGRA EXPLOIT *IS* THE ENTRY POINT. Every firmware is hackable.

      • ScrimeM

        There is a hardware bug in Tegra useless idiot. Shut up instead of copy-paste a more useless quote taken from this useless site.

    • fluk3

      Well… They can still make it harder to install any exploit on later firmwares since they made encryptions on 5.0.0. If you keep updating your only alternative might be the hardware hack/modchip by team xecuter :). The more you update the longer it will take for an exploit
      to be available for you due to entrypoints being removed

    • Rolenzorol

      No. Lower firmware will give better homebrew options. Read the Kate Temkin FAQ

  2. förster


  3. Gamer

    Another useless update 🙂

  4. Charles Fasano

    I wonder if this stops the 3rd party docks from bricking the Switch.

  5. TouhouLulu

    Lol Nintendo with another trash update with no new features, this is why I hack.

    • ScrimeM

      Wow absolute insane madman! I imagine when PS4 didn’t have folders and harddisk support you hacked it like a boss. Rebel against the System.
      Go f**k yourself useless idiot.

      • ^Triggered

        I’m talking about basic features like backing up saves and basic messaging support. Which Nintendo is too braindead to add.

        Cry more kid.

        • TouddlerhouLulu

          He’s right. You wrote you hack because the update didn’t bring new features.
          But everybody here knows that is an excuse. If tomorrow they would add 100 new features you will hack anyway because you want just to pirate games.
          Cry more toddler.

  6. Very Stable Switch

    There are so many hacking experts on this comment section, very awesome.

  7. Congrats Wololo

    Hey ^Triggered seeing that everytime in comments someone call you a pirate the only thing you can counter is calling people “braindead sheep”, I think the only braindead is you.
    Go pay your 60$/year for Psplus and remember to glory Sony.

    • ^BrainDeadSheep

      You pay your $20 for Nintendo and get your decade old games and remember glory to Nintendo.

  8. ^BrainDeadSheep

    If you think he’s being racist you just proved your idiocy lmao

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