Release: Adrenaline Bubbles Manager updated to 5.00

25 Responses

  1. RazorX says:

    nice app, can’t wait to give it a try

  2. Vivissimus says:

    Does it fit for 3.65 enso?

  3. dharma says:

    im looking for a tool that creates psp game bubble on vita so i can launch psp games without going into adrenaline

    • BaltazaR4 says:

      If what you are looking for is some tool to install the games directly to the ps vita you can only do that with package installer and IDU but not remmended to do so, Adrenaline by theflow is the best bet to be able to play any psp game.

    • Pron says:

      This tool does exactly what you are looking for. It scans your DS2Vita and internal mnemory as well as Vita memory card for PSP games etc. and then you can create a bubble for which runs the game without the need to start adrenalin. However, if you quit the game with PS-button, you will bein adrenalin, unless you close it with holding PS Button

  4. Hrtk says:

    Phone*, not pagine

  5. Randolf says:

    I did a fresh install and I cant seem to make it work. Whenever I make a bubble it just shows error C1-2758-2. I already installed the AdrBubbleBooterInstaller.vpk and ran it. Another user was able to solve it and I quote:

    “I fixed it by changing the adrenaline_kernel.skprx in my ur0:tai folder copying it again from the Adrenaline app folder and replacing the old one. I didn’t know the installer modified all the plugins inside the folder sce_module in the Adrenaline app folder, so on boot my PSVita was loading the old one in ur0:tai instead of the modified new one.”

    But i can’t seem to see an adrenaline_kernel.skprx on my Tai folder so I could replace it. And the followup reply :

    “It is necessary to replace the plugins in sce_module, because we use plugins from LMAN” – this I don’t understand what it meant.

    here is the link

    • BaltazaR4 says:

      Honestly, what that user did is not necessary, I don’t know why he had a copy of the adrenaline_kernel.skprx at ur0:tai/, to be able to use Lmans plugins Adrenaline must have been executed once all the way to the xmb, then Adrenaline Bubbles Manager can be installed and this app will install up to date Lmans adrbblbooter plugins, now, I don’t know if installing Adrenaline, lmans plugins installer and Adrenaline Bubbles Manager and using them in that order will have some to do with the error you get, but I will do some testing to see what happens.

      • Randolf says:

        Oh so the lmans plugins installer i downloaded and installed using “AdrBubbleBooter.VPKEdition.v0.2-LMAN” was no longer needed? I should have just installed Adrenaline then ABM? But if so, that was the 1st thing I did before originally encountering the C1-2758-2 and winding up finding the above mentioned post. If i wanted a fresh start before any of those, how can I delete the lmans plugin installer and any files it could’ve changed?

        Thanks for the response BTW and awesome homebrew

        • BaltazaR4 says:

          Well, I try using Adrenaline after just deleting lmans plugin but didn’ work, so, the best thing to do is uninstall Adrenaline and AdrBubbleBooter.VPKEdition.v0.2-LMAN and reinstall Adrenaline using the newest version and make sure it goes to xmb and even try to boot one of your games if you like, after making sure Adrenaline runs ok, then you can open Adrenaline Bubbles Manager and it will install needed lmans plugins, then create one or two bubbles and try to boot them.

          • Randolf says:

            Ok will try that. How would i uninstall AdrBubbleBooter.VPKEdition.v0.2-LMAN? Does deleting the app in the livearea do it? Or would i delete something in vitashell?

  6. BaltazaR4 says:

    Just delete the app in livearea

    • Randolf says:

      ok here’s what i did:

      1. i deleted all (adrenaline, ABM, adrbubblebooter)
      2. installed a fresh adrenaline – loaded XMB and booted 1 game – Alundra
      3. Installed ABM and made a bubble for Alundra
      4. Error when trying to run the bubble – black screen with “Could not load adrenaline_kernel.skprx. Please reboot or use the AdrBubbleBooterInstaller

      • BaltazaR4 says:

        Did Adrenaline Bubbles Manager installed lmans plugins and reboot your ps vita?

        • BaltazaR4 says:

          If you restart your ps vita it keeps giving you the same error?

        • Randolf says:

          I think it did not. Was it supposed to be automatic once i ran ABM?

          • BaltazaR4 says:

            yes, Adrenaline Bubbles Manager was supposed to automatically install the lmans plugins, try again from zero without using adrbblbooterinstaller.vpk, if you get the “Could not load adrenaline_kernel.skprx. Please reboot or use the AdrBubbleBooterInstaller” message after creating the bubble, do a db rebuild and hopefully that willtake care of the problem

  7. Dorisnov says:

    Does anyone know how to make the startup.png fill his space? Still showing transparen zones left, right and bottom.

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