TheFlow confirms that PSVita Firmware 3.68 doesn’t break his FW 3.67 exploit that lets HENkaku run!


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  1. Asbel_Lhant

    Nice now should I update to get some music or stay on 3.67? my stupid laptop or was it the USB cable for the Vita is not responding when connected. Charging is fine connecting for transfer is not. Hmmm..

  2. De Fino

    So, 3.68 it’s mandatory? Or can I still can play online on 3.60?

  3. Slyrim

    Great to read this news.

  4. Guapo613

    So what about the Whitelist hack on 3.68?


    Hmm so if I’m on HEnkaku 3.60 ..
    and I update my Vita to 3.68, would Henkaku still work?

  6. Alex

    So I wait a year for hack release?

  7. nate

    Not good. Hoped it would be fixed in 3.68 so he would release the exploits.

  8. Lololololo

    Yay ! So nice that nonexistent 3.67 Henkaku works on 3.68. So guys my brand new ps4 hack works on the latest patch too ! Just wait indefinetly for me to release it

    • Frank Murphy

      You obviously do not unds the extent of work that was put into releasing Henakaku Enso and the amount of time ppl like myself waited on a low firmware to get things working on the cfw end.

      The reason why this is not gonna be released anytime soon is to ensure Sony does not patch any vulnerabilities in upcoming firmwares and possibly set 3.68 as the last firmware given the impending death or eol cycle of the system.

      • Frank Murphy

        To make things easier for you to understand, no release of latest exploit = more games to play on higher firmware since vulnerabilities are not patched.

  9. bernard

    hope this comes out soon am tired waiting

  10. Mossab

    when it is the hack release?

  11. nate_2

    No way will I be able to stay on 3.78 for a year plus. I can’t log in to download any of my games.

  12. Rodrigo

    Hello everybody, I’m brazilian and this update *** me =\
    I bought a PSN from a guy in my city and I didn’t know nothing about this firmware before and I updated the system of my ps vita to 3.68, so afterwards when I have tried to install the Hukako I couldn’t, it showed a message saying I couldn’t to install because the reason was the firmware =\.

    in your opininon, is there someone working in this issue? I know a lot guys that have Ps vita in my city and in my country with the same problem like my
    thank u for your attention and big hugs from Brazil =P

  13. BDKing

    so will henkaku relese on 3.68?

  14. Adikinz

    OKay this is good cause I am getting super annoyed with the VBHL Gameboy emulator freezing my Vita to the point of where i cannot even hard reset it anymore.

  15. Codystar55

    Is there no way to update from 3.60 to 3.65?

  16. Pradip shrestha

    My Vita is running 3.68 firmware I am really excited to hack this can you please tell me how can I hack

  17. Pradip shrestha

    Can you please confirm that henkaku for 3.68 coming or not

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