PS4 Firmware 5.53 has been released


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19 Responses

  1. Nick

    “Firmware 5.53 is now giving you more options to choose how much data you want them to collect from your console.” Remind you about any current topics? **ahem** Z U C C

  2. zzzt

    noone cares 🙂

  3. Tony

    The update is strictly related to the upcoming GDPR regulations as of 25 May. Sony will collect the same amount of data, but now you’ll be “informed” about it, and eventually given option to opt out of the “marketing” part… P.S. That’s also why there are two separate files for UK and EU… 😉

  4. greco

    So if the current exploits are patched in 5.53, it could be possible that qwertyoruiop releases his kexploit now for 5.05, right?

    • GunzOfNavarone

      That’s what I’m wondering too, time will tell I guess.

    • wzz

      I hope so, but some suggest 5.01 may come first. That would really suck.

    • Alex

      The kernel exploit has been patched for quite a while and the webkit exploit that was just apparently patched was publicly available for quite a while now. Even if the webkit exploit was not publicly available, releasing a patched kernel exploit would still do no harm, trust me this being patched changes nothing for the kernel exploit

  5. Squall

    Remember about the infamous Sony’s data breach back then?

    Pepperidge farm remembers

  6. RazorX

    i’m waiting for the 5.01 kernel exploit for my ps4

  7. Joao Pedro

    so.. as te 5.05/5.50 webkit is patched now, will the kexploit be released for 5.05?

  8. Charles Fasano

    At least this update is so far optional.

  9. Developersblows

    Let’s all laugh at idiots with old firmware playing old games. You will never play newer games..Mathieu and all developers are a joke. They will never release a CFW just useless expoilt which nobody cares oh! I have 5.50 kernel ewploit and webkit xploit but I will never share it.PS4 is lame looool

  10. maba

    What about this kexploit for PS4 on 5.05?
    https://g i t h u b.c o m/Anonym00S/PS4-5.01-5.05-Kernel-Exploit-BY-Anonymous

  11. i386

    Protip: this “device data” setting does NOT appear on Japanese PS4.

  12. Casper

    Damn, I just update my PS4 pro the day before yesterday and just thinking about jailbreaking my console today and it breaks my heart that I just killed my chance to jailbreak, maybe i’ll wait again for another 6months

    • Resogun

      No jailbreak for 5.50/5.53 for atleast 2 years. No one is working on it.

      • matics

        I’m one of the people who waited around for an update, and honestly I just said *** it and updated from 5.01 to 5.53 specifically for god of war..and it DAMN was it worth it lol! I feel like even if the ps4 5.1 exploit came out tomorrow, It’s gonna be a good while before the scene reaches the state the ps3 scene is at, and by that point I’ll either have all the games I wanted or I’ll just pick up a then cheap ps4 and exploit it.