NES and Master System emulators released for PS4 4.55


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13 Responses

  1. Jaded

    That’s pretty cool.

  2. Beppie


  3. SeanP2500

    your website helped get me through a rough time in my life over the past 2 years. I checked it every day. First to hack my vita. Then to follow the early ps4 hacks. To make it here is an honor. Thanks so much for posting my vid. Seriously.

  4. Aïoli

    Quite a moving comment…
    Sean P. always delivers, “I might be your best friend, and you don’t even know it.” – The thin red line

    Wololo is the daily sweetness of my life since 2014.
    Haaa, VITA days…

  5. Gamer

    Exciting times!! SMS on PS4!!!

    And yes this site always delivers and is checked daily!

  6. SeanP2500

    thanks so much for posting my video, This site got me through some very hard times over the past couple of years. I remember checking it every day waiting for the vita to be hacked. Then the first ps4 hacks. It made me smile when I saw this notification in my inbox. Thanks again