RPCS3 March 2018 report in a nutshell – Major RSX and rendering improvements, performance and stability improvements and many more compatible games like Asura’s Wrath and Drakengard 3!


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7 Responses

  1. Mercury

    For once ‘stability improvements’ on Vita are actually stability improvements.

  2. IllusionMan1212

    Correction: Nekotekina isn’t the project’s founder but the lead core developer.
    DH and hykem are the founders.

  3. RiotDX

    RIP Tales of Vesperia text display though.

    • RiotDX

      I stand corrected. I just downloaded the latest build, and Tales of Vesperia has undergone some major fixes and improvements over the past week. The shader compilation error that broke the game is fixed, along with the scrambled fonts. And with Strict Rendering enabled, the Z-ordering bugs are fixed. It still has issues, but it’s good to see progress being made.

  4. mgsfan

    still waiting for metal gear iv to be fully playable

  5. azoreseuropa

    Even if they are fully playable and I am going to use it but I wont sell my PS3 Jailbreak at all. Unless it is worth more than 200 dollars, hehe.