PS Vita firmware 3.68 released, don’t update if you want hacks


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  1. NoaxPrime says:

    I noticed it trying to auto update, so I turned auto update off and airplane mode on. Been trying to figure out what the update does. If I figure anything out, I’ll be sure to post it on here!

  2. Ethan Weegee says:

    Hopefully this is the console’s last update before EOL.

  3. Dann says:

    Really, one more ? Someone maybe is usings cheats online -_-

  4. Razzee says:

    “Let’s support the few developers that are still developing games for it by hacking the console.”

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      What developers still support the console?

      Japanese only developer’s and garbage western indie releases, so captivating!

      • Razzee says:

        Kadokawa and Spike Chunsoft are developing big hits for them (Zanki Zero/METAL MAX Xeno)..
        Keeping the console updated in respect to those who did not abandon it is the least Sony can do, unlike what happened to PSP…

  5. RazorX says:

    does anyone know if setting the spoof to 3.68 works or will it still pop up saying you need to update

    • cracker says:

      So far I haven’t had an update nag show up by doing just that. I’m guessing it will act the same as 3.60 does when spoofing a higher firmware after the new PSN security is forced to log on.

  6. THANK YOU!!!!!!! says:

    I changed mine today and was wondering the same thing, you can also turn off auto update thus VITA settings 🙂

  7. dvdx says:

    Why are they even bothering with system updates? It’s not like people are making games for it. Try going to Best Buy and type in PS Vita and see what comes up….3 games….no memory cards, no consoles. GameStop is selling pre-owned/refurbished systems only. Target only has two games for the Vita and the Vita TV. It’s obviously a dead system to Sony…

  8. Charles Fasano says:

    Either 3.68 is not mandatory or it hasn’t hit the US yet as I can still access PSN on my 3.65 Henkaku Vita.

  9. mb says:

    you mean PS Vita firmware 3.68 released, don’t update if you want 1337 hax not just hacks

  10. geoz says:

    i hope they are gonna check the 3,61 hack now…. been waiting for too long T_T

  11. Mossab says:

    Guys i already update to 3.68 how can i turn it back

  12. John says:

    PS VITA = POO.

  13. Gamer says:

    Sony are doing the best they can I guess lol

  14. Y3RT says:

    Thefl0w shouldn’t have said anything anything about a vulnerability on 3.67….

  15. Kidd says:

    The biggest question I have is: can we still log on PSN store with 3.65 or are we risking a ban?

  16. baqlbin says:

    after udate my camera doesnt work

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