PS Vita firmware 3.68 released, don’t update if you want hacks


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36 Responses

  1. NoaxPrime says:

    I noticed it trying to auto update, so I turned auto update off and airplane mode on. Been trying to figure out what the update does. If I figure anything out, I’ll be sure to post it on here!

    • DBG says:

      “Stability”… it’s always stability x.x

      • Asbel_Lhant says:

        Stablity my A**! 3.67 failed, I decided to update so I could finally play the DLCs for Soul Sac. My wi-fi is *** and when the connection temporarily stops the freaking browser keeps crashing. Couldn’t even enjoy reading LNs without freaking screenshotting the whole thing.

    • golephish says:

      well I can confirm that VHBL is still working after update 🙂

  2. Ethan Weegee says:

    Hopefully this is the console’s last update before EOL.

  3. Dann says:

    Really, one more ? Someone maybe is usings cheats online -_-

  4. Razzee says:

    “Let’s support the few developers that are still developing games for it by hacking the console.”

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      What developers still support the console?

      Japanese only developer’s and garbage western indie releases, so captivating!

      • Razzee says:

        Kadokawa and Spike Chunsoft are developing big hits for them (Zanki Zero/METAL MAX Xeno)..
        Keeping the console updated in respect to those who did not abandon it is the least Sony can do, unlike what happened to PSP…

        • S says:

          Metal Max Xeno literally just confirmed only to come to PS4 in the west.

          That’s 50% of your list gone.

    • EvictorYEG says:

      I’m not buying anymore games for it. I already dumped over $150 for PSX titles for Nostalgia reasons. With our without a hack. I’m not buying another game. If a hack comes, I’ll be using my Vita more often.

  5. YokoInokuma says:

    Sony should stop beating the dead horse. The Vita isn’t even selling anymore, so why bother bringing out a new Update?

  6. Max says:

    Sony doesn’t support the system at all. It tried very very hard to KILL the system. Hey we won’t sell it anywhere in the west anymore. We will take it down from our websites and act as if it never happened. You want to buy PHYSICAL versions of games in the west? Good luck. Sony is trying so hard to NOT support the Vita yet they will release new firmwares to make the life of Vita users even MORE miserable. The Vita is an amazing product but Sony is a horrible company.

  7. RazorX says:

    does anyone know if setting the spoof to 3.68 works or will it still pop up saying you need to update

    • cracker says:

      So far I haven’t had an update nag show up by doing just that. I’m guessing it will act the same as 3.60 does when spoofing a higher firmware after the new PSN security is forced to log on.

  8. THANK YOU!!!!!!! says:

    I changed mine today and was wondering the same thing, you can also turn off auto update thus VITA settings 🙂

  9. dvdx says:

    Why are they even bothering with system updates? It’s not like people are making games for it. Try going to Best Buy and type in PS Vita and see what comes up….3 games….no memory cards, no consoles. GameStop is selling pre-owned/refurbished systems only. Target only has two games for the Vita and the Vita TV. It’s obviously a dead system to Sony…

    • Razzee says:

      3-5K units are sold per week in Japan (pretty impressive compared to Xbox One/X, which is a modern console), and there are plenty japanese developers producing games for the system. Whether you like the games or not it’s up to you, but I have the impression that most players with a PS Vita in hands should have bought a PS3/PS4 instead, since any title that is not Sony’s is apparently not considered a game.

    • Bluein says:

      Here in EU, we have retail games still being sold if they’re new titles, and rare imports here and there can definitely be found.
      I have a lot of Japanese friends who still use their vita daily, and play games in party chat with me from time to time….

      Just because there are no releases in the west does not mean it’s a dead system. There are plenty of people following and looking forward to new releases.

  10. Charles Fasano says:

    Either 3.68 is not mandatory or it hasn’t hit the US yet as I can still access PSN on my 3.65 Henkaku Vita.

    • SsJVasto says:

      It is mandatory for PSN. I couldn’t use Party Chat, PS4 Remote or PS Store until I updated my Vita…

      • Charles Fasano says:

        I still can access PSN Store, sync trophies, upload game saves, etc. I’m spoofing the firmware to 3.67.

    • Speeder91 says:

      I can still use PSN (Store, Remote play). I come from the Czech Republic (PS Vita Henkaku 3.65).

  11. mb says:

    you mean PS Vita firmware 3.68 released, don’t update if you want 1337 hax not just hacks

  12. geoz says:

    i hope they are gonna check the 3,61 hack now…. been waiting for too long T_T

  13. Mossab says:

    Guys i already update to 3.68 how can i turn it back

  14. John says:

    PS VITA = POO.

  15. Gamer says:

    Sony are doing the best they can I guess lol

  16. Y3RT says:

    Thefl0w shouldn’t have said anything anything about a vulnerability on 3.67….

    • Dangerously says:

      If you have been following console hacking for as long as I have, you will know that saying that you found a security hole is not easy for a company to patch. Why? What did you exploit? Where is the hole? Is it a proof of concept hack or a real hack?
      Sony would have to have some inside knowledge on the hack in order to patch it, plain and simple. When a hack is released, companies will analyze the code then write a patch or replace the affected app (usually comes in the form of a full firmware update). This can take days or months to complete as they do not want to break existing games and software in the process.
      Seeing that Thefl0w has not released his 3.67 exploit, it should still work on 3.68. Keep in mind that Sony has released firmware for most of their systems in recent days to update their “user information sharing” policy.

  17. Dangerously says:

    If no one has posted about their device being slow or crashing, companies should not throw out an update for “system performance” without a proper explanation on what the performance issue is. There should be a governing body that forces companies to write proper release notes for all updates. I have had in the past been forced to update for a “performance issue” on one of my devices to access the store and found that my icons had changed and one app was broken (had to wait over a month for it to be patched). This device was not hacked or even a game console… So in short, this was not a patch for a “performance” issue like they stated.

    We are not stupid and know when we see: “This system software update improves system performance”, it means they patched an exploit, so bloody well say so in your notes and do not lie to the end user!!! Sony should have learned by now, where was the removal of Linux in the first set of release notes for the PS3? Didn’t that lead to a class action lawsuit? How do we know if 3.68 does more than patch a simple exploit before installing?

  18. Kidd says:

    The biggest question I have is: can we still log on PSN store with 3.65 or are we risking a ban?

  19. baqlbin says:

    after udate my camera doesnt work