PS4: ps4-exploit-host updated to 0.4.2, Al-Azif announces upcoming modchip


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  1. RazorX

    i love and hate seeing stuff like this given my ps4 is on 5.01 lol

  2. Visi pyderai blet

    So thats why my ps4 didint load hen, when i intendet to.. they removed 4.05 payloads… i am not updating to 4.55, because there is no major difference in my opinion…. by the way, good that things are moving on.

  3. Imconfused

    So should the scene boycott this because its a mod-chip that could make some one else money, should we demand a software solution? Why cant they use an existing product available to the public, like a $10 arm dev board? I am not even sure why this needs new hardware developed other than to make this proprietary? How is this different from what team Executor is doing for the switch?

    PS. I do think this is awesome, and many thanks to the dev for the hard work this takes to pull off. But I am curious why there is so much hate on the switch side and no criticism at all for the PS4 side?

    • rayo

      I think ,that you don’t need to boycott nothing. Just build your own software hack and you are good to go.And if you can’t, stop complaining

    • blahblah

      It’s not a new hardware. It’s a software for existing ESP8266 boards that are broadly available for a few bucks AND the article clearly says that the code will be open sourced.

    • rhodderz

      Your missing the “open source all of the information once done” part which executor dont do and also 0day stuff that can affect others. There is a wololo post about it on here

  4. DavidMR

    4.73 needs some love….

  5. ano

    Please use “modchip” with quotes like Al-azif did.
    This is not a real modchip.

  6. Relys

    If it supports Bluetooth it’s probably based in the ESP32, not the ESP8266.

  7. 5u770n

    i already have SD card support on my esp8266 exploit server 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing this project though, i was planning on porting it all to esp32 but think i’ll hang back now

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