Jazz Jackrabbit ported to the PSVita – You can now enjoy NATIVE blast processing, via OpenJazz, on the go!


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  1. drd7of14

    Sweeeet! Loved this game growing up, favorite “Christmas” game. lol

  2. Salty Daddy

    Oh ***. My childhood. Playing it every year in dosbox. Memories <3

  3. meler

    Get Port of moonstone and the lost dutchan ,i know you can use dos box but it would be awesome to see it ported

  4. RazorX

    this definitely looks like it drew inspiration from sonic the hedgehog

  5. Ayy Lmao

    Oh man the nostalgia! if only someone ported Jazz Jackrabbit 2…

  6. DBG

    Ah “blast processing” the “polygon count” of the ’90s (although I think polygon count kind of died out as a boast after the PS2). It’s all about the resolution/FPS now!!

  7. PlaGeRaN

    good times….

  8. Midori

    Is pity that in’t Jazz Jackrabbit 2. First ver is so-so.

  9. Midori

    It’s not working on my Vita with FW 3.60 HENkaku Ensō. It back me to the menu.

  10. Aramaru

    I’m having trouble with getting this to work. I put files to folder but the vpk doesn’t start.
    Also this page gives me headache… it says I’m posting comments too quickly when the last one I posted was year ago…

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