Nintendo Switch: preorders allegedly starting for Team Xecuter’s hacking device


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  1. Yattoz says:

    Wololo, being the reasonable guy since 2008.
    Thanks for the news! Excitement is in the air, indeed.

  2. supermemer9000 says:


  3. pablosek says:

    Dogs in the manger. They would rather release free hack just to prevent sb from earning money. Why this whole hack scene became such cancer? “HELLO WORLD, LOOK HERE WE HAVE WORKING HACK HEHE – BUT FORGET ABOUT GETTING IT, WE WILL KEEP IT FOR US HEHE” >>> “OH NO, SOMEBODY IS GOING TO RELEASE PAID HACK? WE CAN’T LET THAT HAPPEN”

    • Scrotu M says:

      This scene is full of egomaniac that have begun to inflate their ego since Wii. With 3DS they began to feel like hacking Gods and now a point of no return has been reached.

  4. Tarte aux quetsches says:

    Great news.
    Playing the waiting game is better, I find it more fun to hack a console following a guide than using a dongle.

    *going back to VITA, playing good old Quake III*

  5. Dr.Waka says:

    It is sad that there is such a bias against team executor on this site, when this place exists to generate ad money for one developer that had some exploits for the vita.

    However you can endorse how many hardware based card readers for the vita, which could have been replaced by a network share app instead of causing Sony to lose money on their memory cards?

    Yet you want free software to swoop in and block team executor from releasing a product and making money, that is no different than a memory card reader that reads SD cards instead of Sony’s?

    This is a dumb argument but this site is going down hill… Maybe this should be a private FB group and not a public website…

  6. Ethan Weegee says:

    Man, there’s a lot of backlash here.

    • DontCryKid says:

      It’s just one sad kid, he trolls the forums cause he’s sad Nintendo can’t secure their device and removes basic features he’ll never have.

  7. DontCryKid says:

    Lol, I’m gonna get free games without paying for a piracy device this summer anyway thanks to Atmosphere CFW. Thanks Nintendo and Nvidia for garbage security. Can’t wait for free games, save backups (which Nintendo is too braindead to add), and emulation!! Woohoo!

    • ^lol says:

      lol Sony kids must be desperate to do console war with piracy. Don’t worry you will have your The Lat of SWJ part 2 anyway.

  8. I'm Fabulous says:

    Does Fail0verflow and Reswitched has said something about FW 5.0.0? Cuz at least Team Xecuter has said that this FW wont be a problem to their solution.

  9. Z says:

    drwaka: tx haa become arrogant and overpromising lately. thats all.

  10. Tyler says:

    A Hardware SOC update wouldn’t fix the exploits claim to work on all firmware revisions. because IT WILL work on all future revisions, on those consoles it already works on.

  11. James MacDougall says:

    Paid hacks seem like the only thing that spurs actual release now. We should support that, since most hackers just horde and brag now. Any group who sabotages paid hacks is only crippling the scene.

    It’s true that hackers don’t have to release anything, but people don’t have to be impressed by unshared hacks either. Why should we care about unshared accomplishments and bragging?

    Hacks get sat on for so ridiculously long now (years), that people are eager to support a faster reveal, and paid mods provide that ability.

    • mixedfish says:

      I agree, let’s just be honest about the situation.

    • James MacDougall says:

      Plus, modchips don’t have to edit files on the console, unlike soft mods. They just hijack the hardware path. That seems like it could theoretically allow completely untraceable backup playing and hacks if done right. Especially if the hardware glitch is unpatchable so you can update freely on compatible hardware versions.

      While chip is on: Force offline, disable history. Restrict games and saves to external drive the console can’t read without the chip turned on. (Connect the drive to the chip itself, or encrypt the drive to the chip’s unique programmable key.) Store nothing on the actual console itself.

      While chip is off: Standard unmodded play with (hopefully) no trace of mods or anything played while the chip was on.

  12. cris says:

    expecting a software solution to make their product extinct prior production , cause it is a solution as it seems to profit in a short term time while there is a whole bootloader bugs gallery

  13. Paul Charlie Owen says:

    Its not Team Xecuter at all bar the same URL being used the original Team X broke up long ago and the URL & Forum was sold to Max Louarn
    I wouldn’t trust Max with a light year long barge pole as he has a long history of lying over releases and products abilities
    Btw there is a free release being held back to scupper this Louarn venture when it’s released.
    Max’s device will also be incredibly easy to clone so just wait and you will have access to either a free soft mod or a cheap chinese 5 bucks copy

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