PS4: SpecterDev publishes writeup on the 4.55 Kexploit

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  1. Michal says:

    Wow! First

  2. HugoMongous says:

    Sigh… it’s been 4 years and still no CFW/HB on latest FW, PS4 is locked down tight.

    • Connor says:

      What are you smoking?

      4.55 is not 4 years old; it is not even 1 year old. And HB is working perfectly fine on it.

      • HugoMongous says:

        Can you not read idiot? 5.50 is the latest FW, there is NO homebrew or CFW on it.

        • spok says:

          yup even worse there is no 5.05 JB which again will be released after year or so when buying new PS4 will be obsolote

          • HugoMongous says:

            Yup, I’ve given up on PS4 modding, Sony did well with their security. I’m just keeping my PS4 updated and buying games, and enjoying “backups” on my Wii U and hopefully by this summer, Switch.

    • Franky says:

      I think there’s just not that big of a demand for CFW on the community or development level anymore. Things the OG XBOX and PSP had in common were they were great emulation and multi media machines at a console price tag since those solutions cost so much back in there day, but now a Raspberry Pi or a Fire Stick or any other mini PC can do everything the old XBOX can do and more and any $30 Android device and do what the PSP could do and more. Due to crypto GPUs have been getting marked up in price, but PC gaming is still taking a good amount of people away from consoles and those people could possibly include potential devs who have no interest in consoles.

      I’m just saying don’t hold your breath for an OG XBOX like break through anymore cause the dude who broke open that thing utilized so much time and effort to do so, but I think current devs aren’t putting nearly that amount of time and effort in and I don’t blame them due to how many better solutions are out there and console exclusives these days are nothing special.

      • HugoMongous says:

        I disagree still plenty of great exclusives out there (Uncharted, Bloodborne, LOU, Gravity Rush, etc…)

        Wii U has a full CFW and that console was a failure market and game wise…

        Security has a lot to do with it (see Wii U which was cracked open thanks to Nintendo’s bad security), plenty of interest is there, not that much talent to hack it though especially with how locked down the PS4 is.

  3. Rafael SC357 says:

    I need Kernel Exploit for firmware 5.00

  4. Quest says:

    I have a ps4 on 4.70 sooo close

  5. ^lol says:

    Good job Sony rely on Unix for the sake of not paying someone to make its own OS.

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