Some thoughts about PC Building Simulator – It’s probably not as awesome as you think it is…


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  1. PorQue

    Why is there an article on this at all… it’s another one of those typical dumb games like Goat Simulator that people waste money on and forget about.

    • Aurora

      Well, this article is here to make people think twice about wasting money in the first place if they’re interested in this game.

      • PorQue

        Fair point, never understood the appeal of these “trending” games.

        • Technical Monkey

          Simple: Those games are programmed by stupid kids who just because they know how to program in Unity think they are experts, when they don’t realize that programming a good game is a serious, difficult and sometimes ungrateful job, especially when they have to deal with certain audiences….

          • DS_Marine

            OR, maybe this started just as a POC and his friends encouraged him to try to sell it. Also, this might be valuable for people that wants to learn the trade, of course it will be boring to people like us.
            Cut him some slack…if it’s a teenager he has a lot to learn yet…

      • Thrawn

        But this article defeats the purpose… now a lot more ppl know that this thing exists… and with everything that gets unnecessary attention, ppl will buy it.

        Don’t look at it, don’t speak about it, don’t think about it.

        It like that old magic card’s saying:
        “If its weak, ki11 or ignore it. Anything else will make it strong.”

  2. Yattoz

    Nice, a review ! (Starts reading)
    *scrolls down, sees author*
    (Continues reading with a more feminine voice in my mind)
    I would say it’s a quick review but it has an excellent point mentioning SATISFACTION. If you don’t get satisfied from a game, you tend to stop playing, whatever the game has to offer. So good little review, Aurora !

    • Aurora

      You needn’t scroll down to see who the author is as it’s exactly underneath the article title ;p

      • tinnegan

        In the internet, especially gaming, everyone is either a guy or a dude pretending to be a girl

        • AcromioClavicular

          Yeah i get that. I have doubts when someone online is saying ” im a gal”. But in the end, i dont care.
          If your online avatar is a girl or boy, let it be.

    • Tha_Dat

      Nice, a review ! (Starts reading)
      *scrolls down, sees author*
      (Continues reading “Hello it’s The_Zett”)

  3. lollypop

    okey i get it … this game needs work ..
    what else could use work in my opinion first is …
    basiliskII wine3.apk port crosscompiled
    or native vita wine3.apk port
    or a better review/tutorial section for the lastest snoops
    what about vita/ps4 compo’s like u did
    better lists of what works and what not
    in short i see a forrest but it could allso be just one tree

  4. ConsolesareBetter

    Lmao, this is what the pcmr has been reduced to. Playing pretend since mommy and daddy are no longer paying for their subscription to the pcmr after miners pwnd it.

  5. Tyu

    This is not what I come to Wololo to read. I’d rather come to the page and see no new articles, and no updates, rather than have wasted my time reading this. It has nothing to do with any of the topics I come here for. And of course, it was Aurora who wrote it.

    • Jesus-the-magic-muslim-had-a-very-shiny-qu'ran

      Well, there’s a dearth of the news we want. I echo your frustration but just be glad you don’t have to purchase tampons every month.

  6. Please save this kinda stuff for your personal blog. This is not why people come to Wololo.

    • Aurora

      While your opinion does hold some water, I’d like to state that I wrote this article here because I think that a decent amount of viewers like using/modding both consoles and computers.

      Due to this, I think that some of this website’s viewers may be interested in such a game just to tinker with computers so that’s why I decided to write an article about it

  7. DT

    Aurora u gotta pic, I’m in love =p

  8. Chaosruler

    It’s kind of a harsh (mini) review, but at least one spoken from real experience with the real thoughts about the game, unlike dozen of other review websites….

    anyways, that was tricky of you aurora! I thought it’s some kind of new game or homebrew to the vita! you literally tricked me, I would love that for the vita (even though I don’t use public transportations, I could use it for break time at work)

    • Aurora

      Hmm, I didn’t write PSVita in the title but I do agree, it could be a fun game for the PSVita to, as I stated in the article, play in short bursts.

      Yes, the fact that most websites said it was great without really trying it out and saying that the best part about was that it was made by a teenager was a factor in deciding to write this article.

  9. Sleepy

    People willingly sit back and play something like Truck Diver Simulator. So i don’t see why people won’t play this

  10. RiotDX

    As someone who has actually built computers before, I’d never spend money on such a terrible idea for a game. Assembly is literally the least fun part of building a computer. Picking out which parts to buy and actually using my new build are quite fun, but again, they make for a *** game idea. Actually assembling the parts is an exercise in tedium. Press too hard or accidentally brush against the wrong thing, and you’ve either broken an expensive part or
    drastically reduced its lifespan. Oh, and you’d better hope that the documentation that comes with your parts are properly updated. When I built my first gaming rig, the diagrams in the user manual for my motherboard were outdated. I literally had to figure out the right jumper configuration by trial and error.

  11. ^lol

    Wololo must be desperate for click if now do reviews. And with good reason.

    • Stupidcomments

      You sound like the intelligent individual who named himself wololothinktheyare. Funny to read but you are better off acting this way on habbo hotel. Sounds like your crowd

  12. s0me guy

    Haha I’ve actually added this to my wishlist yesterday. Now this game it’s in EARLY ACCESS but still it’s way too OVERPRICED atm and there’s no doubt that it will need A LOT of work… btw check out their “early access roadmap” @

  13. jasmine

    If you don’t want to read about it, don’t click. Seriously, not that hard. Looking forward to further reviews Aurora, this was a fun read.

  14. Reazer

    In my opinion this is a really good game! It has his bad sides, but since it’s just a single dev it’s a good game overall! (I’m a Dev myself and I know how hard it is to make such a game!)
    Since the Graphic Details are based on Unity’s Standard Options, he can’t really do anything against that!

    It’s a Early Access Game, there may be coming something like Soldering etc.

    I actually enjoy the Soundtracks^^

    What do you want from an Emulated OS Inside a Game? It’s a PC Building Simulator, not a “Play Games on a Simulated OS inside a Game Simulator”^^ It’s doing it’s purpose: You have a Parts Shop, Email and bunch of other stuff!

    (As I said that’s my Opinion!)

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  16. Dead Site

    They are actively deleting comments that criticize the writing style. What does that say about the site?

  17. TonyHoro

    I think this is those kinda games that teaches more than entertain.
    I can see myself learning about how to build a PC and what parts are better together rather than doing that for some kind of progression.

    It could be good if you have little to no knowledge about the subject.

    I just wonder if you can do some fancy stuff like installing a water cooler or make the whole system run inside a mineral oil tank.