PS Vita release: pkgi unofficial fork “pkgj” brings PSX games support to the tool

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  1. Davedap

    Great stuff

  2. Paul

    Do you have updated pkgi.txt

  3. WolfRamiO

    finally an update!!!

  4. Chris

    Great Tool, it looks a bit minimalist but gets the job done.

    it would be awesome if he would implement :
    a description box for games.
    Game icon support
    Estimate download time
    Remaining download time
    notification when when finished download finished
    theme support
    advanced filtering option // game genre, Publisher,size, (score ?)

    I know that this is a very early Version and you could easily say ” then implement yourself” but please don´t be that guy
    nothing i said has the intention to insult the dev, that are just my 2 cents on PKGJ

    • WolfRamiO

      developer say “i can make little improves to the gui, but big ones will take some time and i dont think that they are necesary” sorry for my poor english… anyway what i inderstand is “the tool is doing the job as is it, so i just gonna improve the things that we got working”.

  5. Zaico

    Fourst! Great tool!

  6. RazorX

    you guys should know you need adrenaline installed for the psx games, they don’t show up as a bubble like psvita games

  7. RazorX

    you may find this pc tool useful to go with it:

    • Spaarks

      Thx man. This is an amazing tool. Good Job. Also thanks for mentioning that you need adrenaline. I thought as much but nice to know i was on the right track.
      Thx again RazorX

  8. Ysle

    Back when PKGi originally released you guys also made an article that included the download link. After a while the link was taken down after you discovered it’ sole purpose was to pirate games.

    This leads me to wonder why you decided to share the download link of a fork of PKGi. The purpose of PKGj is the exact same thing: pirating.

    I think you’ll understand it’s at least a bit ironic.

    • Spaarks

      I think its ok since they dont post the Url you need to get the List in PKGJ. ^^

      • Ysle

        Might be possible but it still wouldn’t explain why they chose to remove PKGi’s download link and still share PKGj’s download link.
        PKGi has the same requirement in order to get the list of downloads.

  9. Ethan Weegee

    Wait, is this for pirating PKGs of PSX games, or turning a CD/ISO into a PKG?

    • RazorX

      it’s for downloads psvita games, updates and dlc as well as psx games you can run in adrenaline

  10. valerkos

    I have “failed to download the list” problem. config is proggramed to NPS url

  11. André Gaudio

    It is not compatible with the Custom Firmware 3.65 HENkaku Ensō? I got an error trying to install it