Nintendo Switch: Team Xecuter confirm once again their hack will work on all firmwares


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57 Responses

  1. a7mag3ddon says:

    Another non update update from TE as usual :-/

  2. LOL says:

    Nitendo really needs to work on their security. They always getting hacked.

    • Interested person says:

      EVERYTHING gets hacked (if there’s enough interest).

    • LEL says:

      In the meantime ten articles a day on ps4 hack are published.

    • LEL says:

      In the meantime ten articles a day on ps4 hack are published.

      • James says:

        Yeah, nearly 4 years after release…

        It’s barely been a year with the Switch and it’s already hacked, nintendo security is laughably bad, stop trying to protect it kid.

        • kek says:

          There was proof of hacks on PS4 on its first year already. There was a conference with f0w too. Stop being an useless fanboy.

          • James says:

            There was proof of hacks on PS4 on its first year already.

            There was no release though.

            We can already play homebrew titles on the Switch AND a fully fledged CFW is coming this summer as SciresM announced.

            Who’s the useless fanboy? Don’t cry too much when the CFW comes out and we’re all pirating on the Switch because Nintendo security is garbage.

        • kek says:

          There are proof of hacking PS4 since its first year. There was a conference with f-overfolw too. Stop being an useless fanboy and go pirate Uncharted.

      • ^mor.on says:

        We can already play homebrew titles on the Switch AND a fully fledged CFW is coming this summer as SciresM announced on ALL firmwares.

        PS4 only got hacked years later and we still can’t run anything on the latest FW.

        Nintendo security is just trash, like your logic. Sorry kid.

      • Gooman says:

        Articles does not equate to security dimwitted kid.

        Switch has a CFW on all systems lol in just a year (as SciresM announced) and we can run HB on it, PS4 is still secure on latest FW (even 4 yrs later).

        Nintendo security is bad period.

    • Jack Attack says:

      What’s really funny is that Nintendo went with a stupid format for their memory cartridges, presumably DRM reasons since there’s literally no other reason to even bother with it over SD with DRM gate.

      Meanwhile, they used a stock, off the shelf, chip and apparently didn’t try very hard to vest for vulnerabilities.

      • James says:

        Yeah, Nintendo security is laughably bad, only thing more laughable is their child defenders. I have no problem with it though, their ineptitude is our gain. Can’t wait for the free games.

    • Ukl says:

      Whats the problem with Nintendo Switch getting hacked ? It will increase console sales and software drop will be barrely noticeable.

  3. txmyzz says:

    how nice of them. of course it will support eeeeeverything. their chip is probably using the same / similar glitch technique that was in the official tegra chip docs. Therefore if in fact a new hw revision is coming, it will not work and if nintendo is just a little bit lucky that time they hardened it enough.

    I know tx’s only interest is because of the scale. they’ve sold 20+ million so far, so there is a potential market of buyers / modchip installers for this.
    I cannot help but remember that they teased years ago about an xbox one hack which just never materialised. The ps4 has sold 70+ millions and there are hacks for that but, unfortunately for these guys, it’s all software based, no hw glitch based method so far.

    Of course they could have tried to make something out of their own mind but all they are capable of is building on other people’s hacks. They are not clever or curious enough to figure out something out of their own minds. To improve on something that already works, that works for them. Only that.

    And of course ban everyone on their forums like an idiot politician who just cannot handle criticism.

  4. Ursine says:

    Sitting pretty on 4.1.0, can’t wait for the floodgates to open and this console to get the basic features Nintendo doesn’t have the mental capacity to add.

    • LEL says:

      It’s your fault and your pirate friends. 3DS had a browser on day one but not the Switch. I wonder why… mental capacity lol

      • Ursine says:

        Ah, blaming piracy for Nintendo’s ineptitude. Pathetic.

      • ^Lol says:

        Blaming pirates for Nintendo’s inability to add basic features? Are you really that dimwitted?

        • kek says:

          There is no browser because they want mitigate attack via webkit. It’s not rocket science. The only mental incapacity is in site viewers.

          • ^Lol says:

            Wow you’re really slow. There is a browser, easily accessible too. I used the browser to hack my Switch.

            The browser isn’t accessible for the average joe user like yourself though, so you get no browser, and we still get the hacks.

            Enjoy those stability updates though and keep defending Nintendo’s pointless updates, I’ll enjoy playing emulated games on my Switch (which you can’t do because there is STILL no official VC). Hackers do what Nintendon’t.

            I get to enjoy the Switch to the fullest potential and unlock all its features, all you can do is shed tears in a corner, because Nintendo has garbage security and locks you out of its features.

        • ^lul says:

          Spend 300 $ for emulating 30 years old games and calling others “slow”. Fitting username.

          • Well actually says:

            Correction: he said he’s smart for hacking a 300$ device for old roms and people who are playing the new games are crying in a corner rn.
            Get your facts straight.

      • PenguinCatapult says:

        It’s funny, because the 3DS didn’t get a browser until the 2.0.0 update.

      • Alpmaster007 says:

        Is it pirates fault that GBA is not available on Eshop for 3DS but is for Wii U?

        • ^lol says:

          No, it’s your idiocy. OG 3DS is not enough powerful to do a satisfactory emulation with some basic emulator options.

  5. cayhan says:

    Once they release it, of course.

  6. Steve says:


  7. Meh says:

    Yay for TE. Meanwhile the “scene” is not releasing the bootrom exploit … For no reason whatsoever.

  8. DaMeZ says:

    Thanks for the update wololo

  9. LEL says:

    However they have not explicitly confirmed anything. These are just suppositions made by desperate pirate.

  10. Susan Sarandon says:

    Put up or shut up!

  11. Zeke says:

    I always make sure I “Stay Clam” when reading about future hacks for consoles lol 😀

  12. Brandon Stewart says:

    In other words if you want to hack your system in the future then you should buy a Switch before the revised Switches are released. That’s the only way to future proof your Switch for homebrew.

    • HypeTrain says:

      Can’t wait to finally be able to back up my saves and use emulators!

      If only Nintendo wasn’t so foolish and included basic features like backing up saves, I wouldn’t be tempted to hack my switch. Such idiocy from Nintendo and it’s sheep defenders.

      Oh well, can’t wait for the Switch to be cracked open and let the hackers make it the system it should be. Until then, got hundreds of moons to collect in Mario.

      • ^lol says:

        Pirates still use save backup or vc to justify themselves pirating games and speaking of “sheep defenders”.
        Looking foward to see moving goalpost when these features will arrive probably in september.

  13. txlover says:

    it will cost $50, will have a simple chip encrypted to heck to try to make chinese copiers be late to the party with their $5 perfectly working clone. It will also work only with the v1 version switches that have been sold and currently being sold, so their yadda-yadda about being compatible with all firmwares is true to an extent 🙂 The same *** again as with coolrunners then cr3, etc.

  14. TonyHoro says:

    The Atmosphere Team already confirmed that they CFW will run on any firmware installed on the first Switch model/batch. They are focusing on a Summer (North Hemisphere) release. I think they told that openly just to screw Team Xecuter plans, which I loved hehe.

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