ESP8266, the cheap device that’s a PS4 hacking match made in heaven


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  1. Vincent Warte says:

    Yes, I am first. But that’s not a big deal.

  2. lollypop says:

    first of all … is it a usb uart module ?
    ifso it could lead to a modchip
    instead a wifi vita dongle dubbed cobra

  3. SickMyDuck says:


  4. z2 says:


    All your h4x0rs devices belongs to me.

  5. 73n1x69 says:

    I see no point in buying this.

    – extremely low cost hardware: DNS cost 0$ to the user… Better.
    – available worldwide: same as DNS
    – ability to run 24/7: same as DNS
    – self-hosted payloads, no external apps or programs required: same as DNS
    – includes stable payloads, no memory errors or reloads: reloads and memory errors don’t depends by the source, but by the exploits… I got memory errors even with my localhosts (steamlink, pc, phone)…. So same as DNS.
    – completely block all updates: same as DNS
    – no need for custom dns server or settings: oh …. What a big bother insert 12 digits -.-“.
    – easy to program and update via usb: DNS doesn’t need to be programmed or updated
    – very low power consumption: DNS got 0 power consumption.

    So, except for people living in the fourth world without an internet connection, this is basically useless.

  6. Shub says:

    Wololo did not own an esp before!?
    Super disappointed 😉

  7. cavin says:

    Thanks, ordered!

  8. kada says:

    that gives me idea to use my esp modules as PS3Xploit web server. why i didnt think that b4. Thanks for the tip 😉

  9. Erfan says:

    So what about firmware 5.xx

  10. RazorX says:

    i wonder if you could use this to make a similar setup for something like PS3Xploit

  11. Vitagaming says:

    Nice article thanks I finally decided to pull the trigger on getting a PS4 Pro with 4.55 guyand can’t wait till gets here next week. I’m super happy and going to order the ESP device after work hopefully their is enough support for the pro out there.

  12. demianxldc says:

    its posible use a Router with Openwrt + apache.?

    • Niet says:

      I would suggest lighttpd instead of apache, but yeah, you simply need to host a webpage and few KB of Javascript. And on Openwrt you have dnmasq out of the box, so you can hijack Sony URLs and use the “open manual” way to launch the exploit…

  13. cntrlaltdlt13 says:

    If your a noob to the development scene, would you recommend this, or is it simple to figure out with a little research?

  14. Gr8n00d1e says:

    Looking forward to ESP32 Version

  15. Killa says:

    Is the PS4 Pro worth it for hacking and Homebrews? or is the Slim enough for this purpose

  16. humamb says:

    Hello guys i’m totally new here even cant understand about this thing. I’m at 5.01 version sorry if i’m wrong is this useless for me or can i downgrade my ps4 firmware with this ? Thanks

  17. 5u770n says:

    Hello guys i’m totally new here even cant understand about this thing. I’m at 5.01 version sorry if i’m wrong is this useless for me or can i downgrade my ps4 firmware with this ? Thanks

  18. Indogamer says:

    You can purchase this for $10 or less in Indonesia. Ready to play and everything

  19. anito9999 says:

    “includes stable payloads, no memory errors or reloading pages.”
    odd I have tried multiple way of hosting the payload used my android\Iphone tried to host locally through my PC and even tried multiple online hosts but all of em gives me a memory error since I updated to 4.55 what makes this device so special that all the other ways of doing it fails in comparison

  20. FirstWorldProblems says:

    I wonder how many people own a ps4 but not and android/iphone/pc…… first world toys i guess, why, because i can, even though most have several other as simple solutions…..

  21. Stephens says:

    I have a box full of these, my problem now is that my PS4 is at 4.75 buaaaa

  22. lollypop says:

    Annoucing dubbed ps4-pcsx3 contributed to the great works

  23. dedark says:

    any tutorial for using this not on ps4 hen but on ps3 han (ps3xploit)?

  24. gunblade says:

    Is there a difference with the model version. Or does it have to be a certain model.

  25. Nurul nisa says:

    Cool! What is this about?

  26. joe says:

    i got ps4 470 formated it no user account cant use web is there a way to make account or use this ESP8266 would work with out account

  1. April 9, 2018

    […] for the PS4. He’s basically working on his own take of the ESP8266. (I’ve talked about the ESP8266 here, and you’ll definitely want to check it […]

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