VitaQuake III version 0.5 (beta 1) released! – Play Quake III:Arena and Quake III: Team Arena on your PSVita/PSTV!


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17 Responses

  1. dimy93

    Simply amazing – well done Rinnegatamante

  2. Daube provençale

    Ma…Mamamaaaaa…MARVELOUS !
    I was longing for this one.

    With Wololo and Aurora, it is Christmas every week.
    What’s fun, it’s thanks to cfw I have more fun with my VITA and wiiU than a brand new switch…What a wonderful time for gamers.

    Thanks A LOT guys !

  3. demianxldc

    i want to play.. POWERSLAVE

  4. Turbo

    Please bring Unreal Tournament with multiplayer

  5. PU55YD35TR0Y3R

    Mmm this kind of news makes me want to jerk my joystick until it blisters. Huminah Huminah Huminah uh uh uh ah, whew, where’s my towel.

  6. Pimpomp

    So long as this continues to be developed with stable frame rate and multiplayer support as the main objectives, this will be a great piece of homebrew.

  7. Tiberiu Lupu

    try to port gta san andreas

  8. Soocker

    Single processor Dreamcast is doing better. But this is a very good step forward. Maybe a custom shader could help the game. Or a native implementation as I don’t understand. If it run under vitagl, vitagl use libgxm. So it could be done with libgxm with no more knowledge that was necessary to build vitagl. Guys common, use the real graphic API.

  9. Angel86

    I remember these games when I was in middle school quake 1, quake 2 and quake 3. It brings back memories. Thank you so much Rinnegatamante.

  10. Lollypop

    Please think of me …
    Like quake iii enemy territory
    But the version before
    Wolfenstein enemy territory
    Nu id splash
    I believe its an opensource quakeiii titel from 2000

  11. Plopster

    This is amazing! One thing I can’t quite work out is why the level select is stuck on those demo levels even when I moved all my Steam pk files over to the data folder. It seems to read the new files – the demo now loads Q3DM6 fine (which was previously missing from the demo), videos now play fine, I’ve got the full character selection. Just the singleplayer level selector limits me to that fake/modded Tier1…