Switch: libnx Sample to access and modify game savedata

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  1. lollypop

    fo first of all great news switch
    being able to savedata exploits witch ps4 isnt …

    second a Q
    Why does ps4linux not include vitamoonlight server ?

  2. Jack Colon

    This is great news. Im still on 4.1.0 but if I could edit savedata there might be a chance to recover my 200+ hour polybridge savefile.

  3. Daube provençale

    Well, I’m not eager to dive once more to the Hyrule open world.
    It was fun at times, but the lack of reward or any accomplishment feel tarnished my experience…

    The homebrew scene will bring to this console the games it desperately needs…Just look at their online store, it’s 95% rubbish.

    • Idiot

      So games on the store like Stardew Valley, Owlboy, Night in the Woods, Axiom Verge, Celeste are rubbish but the homebrew pong/pacman/tetris/4-bit trash clones will be good?
      Go back play whatever console you have, in its store you will find the same 95% rubbish considering that all the indie are multiplatform.
      How much do you feel smart now?

      • Daube provençale

        Easy cowboy,
        Stardew valley is excellent but is sadly an exception (axiom verge…kinda cool, but its story, ugh). The vast majority of shovelwares are plain trash, like everywhere, but it is far worse on a console that fully relies on first party games, whether you like it or not.

        HW bring backward compatibility, which is the very core of the scene if you haven’t noticed.
        It brings us to the port paradox: Quake III on VITA is a wonderful idea, the nth smash iteration on switch is…meh.

        Yeah, feelin’ kinda smart. How about you ?

        • M E H

          You practically told him that you spent $300 for emulating old games that you can emulate on anything else like a $99 chinese tablet and you are “feeling kinda smart”?

          The only thing this scene is bringing at the moment are simple little games that seem taken by the atari 2600 then it will bring some useless homebrew like a calculator or an organizer then again it will *totally* focus its attention on piracy as it happened with all the other previous consoles. When it will happen I’m sure that “the nth smash iteration on switch” and the other games that apparently are trash magically will be great, right?

          The console is full of good games right now both indies and first party. If you don’t like none of them is your problem. An opinion is not a fact.

          I think I will agree with the user above about you.

          • Daube provençale

            Hi Meh,

            Yes, I always invest in consoles with HB potential, because I know 1st parties are never enough. Sure, 99$ chinese contraptions sounds more logical but if you’ve already tried them, you know it is highly unreliable: controls, stability, durability. So until the SmachZ comes out, VITA, wiiU and Switch are the best choices for retrogaming.

            Concerning the lack of quality of nintendo indies, just have a look at gamefaqs, this opinion is far from isolated.


  4. AdamSwine

    hello. is it currently possible to manually update through an exploit so we don’t have to update the system? anyone?

    • AdamSwine

      ***… i mean to ask about updating games without updating the system. i want to play on my 3.0.0 system, but there is an update for it. so… anyway to get the game update without updating the system?

      • Mightflash

        Sry dude, this is not possible at the moment, just follow the switch scene on gbatemp to stay tuned for CFW possibilities etc. But for now many people just buy a second switch that they can update and play online with or at least to play recently released games…

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