S.O.S for the PSVita released – Simple to use Life Insurnace for HENkaku Ensō 3.65 if you mess up VitaShell!


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  1. Dothackjhe

    How I wish this app had been developed sooner. Regardless, thanks for this amazing homebrew. This will save others the frustration of restoring VitaShell should they lose it while in 3.65 HENkaku Enso.

  2. the one


  3. nebu_187

    In the past I installed molecular shell by going to henkaku.xyz and then reinstalled vitashell.

  4. What

    Really useless though… This app saves you from manually uninstalling VitaShell, but the people who install this app would know not to uninstall the app in the first place.

  5. Raine

    i format my enso 3.65 everything gone but the henkaku setting still there i use vitatooldev to create henkaku then install it on qcma and it work 😀

  6. GothicIII

    This is useless. Make a backup 1x with qcma (binaries for linux/windows/mac and others are available) and you don’t have to worry ever again.

    This new tool won’t solve the problem magically if you removed vitashell and didnt make a backup beforehand. No reason to install this. Sorry.

  7. anon

    whats funny here is that, you need Vitashell to install this homebrew..

  8. Lollypop

    SOS Windows Ports first
    Wine3.3.apk ported to vita wine3.3.vpk

  9. billy

    This is what i have been waiting for so can finally do the update

  10. Lollypop

    ASK fitgirl todo wine3 friendly releases?
    Currently wine crash in unarc

  11. DvdX

    Maybe there needs to be an updated version of VitaShell that makes it part of the system or something. That might prevent people from deleting it.

  12. zebular

    I forgot the name but there’s an app in the homebrew browser right now that let’s you swap out the Sony *** apps for vitashell which, even if you format will still take the place of them. Near for example is now vitashell 1.83 for me.

  13. koek

    What if I lost S.O.S for the PSVita? Please someone make S.O.S for S.O.S for the PSVita

  14. Wdfisgoingon

    Why do people have to make this seem so complicated. Restoring Vitashell is so *** easy, you don’t even need a CMA backup.

  15. HWNJ

    There was also a post here on wololo, previous to the GBATemp one…

    Chelsea will release a v1.1 fixing a issue with people who damaged VitaShell with a wrong 1.83 installation on 3.65, also, will have an option to update VitaShell safely!

    • Aurora

      I didn’t see it as it should be placed in the HENkaku sub-section of the Homebrew section.

  16. MagilsugaM

    hey I got an unrelated question. What happens if I put my 3.65enso vita card on my other 3.67 vita console. Will any legit purchased game work on it? will it work if I put it back on my other vita?
    also if I put another card on my hacked vita I can install vitashell with sos yeah?

  17. Avasoft


  18. Vitaanom

    Still on 3.36 and with ark and haven’t touched my vita in over a year. Up to date will all hacks method but still curious as to why they haven’t port henkaku to the earlier release as an optional thing.