Quake III Arena and Counter Strike soon coming to the PSVita – Multiplayer FPS gamers rejoice!


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  1. Thetechdoc

    YEEEEESSS, been waiting for quake 3 since henkaku first came about! its been on my wishlist this whole time!

  2. Frank

    Jedi outcast and Jedi Academy and i am happy 😀

  3. Jaxz

    It’s Party Time!

  4. Scythe

    Super excited

  5. tenvy


  6. Wetalo

    I can taste the portable Jedi Knight! :O

  7. Adrien


  8. ZpectroO

    N64 Emulator Please!

  9. Micro

    I hope for gothic on vita 🙂

  10. Vitagaming

    Does my Vita need to be on 3.65 fw for VitaGL? I only have one Vita (phat) and a PSTV both on 3.60 but I don’t want to update to 3.65 enso unless I have another spare vita like a slim.

  11. catmato

    Mouse and keyboard support?

  12. Demian

    I might be out of my mind, but would like a port of some Unreal Tournament games too. But I don’t know if the sources have been released so far. That would be awesome!

    Thanks for your hard work Rinnegatamante!!!

    • Demian

      I reply myself.

      Unreal Tournament Engine sources are public some time ago!!!

      Hope to se something related on Vita soon. (Fingers crossed).

  13. cracker

    I hope Portal will eventually be natively playable one day!

  14. jake m worrall

    Omfg I questioned about this in an earlier comment. Looks like a dream coming true. I ducking love this guy’s dedication. Xx

  15. Mustapha

    I was waiting for this moment even before vita hack
    Thank you every one make this happen

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