PS3Xploit 3.0 “HAN” released, compatible with all PS3s on firmwares 4.81/4.82


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30 Responses

  1. AdminPSX

    first 😀

  2. FastFoodChicken

    First ^.^
    Very nice!

  3. Hell-knight

    Great stuff for the ps3 🙂 even after 12 long years!

  4. Mikhairu


  5. otavio

    first (brazil)

  6. geo

    frist (Argentina)

  7. Lollypop

    First be
    Now cfw

  8. otavio

    any tips on where to get the pkgs?

  9. otavio

    dude all about lost, any chances for decent step by step tutorial?

  10. TheZZmoronZZ

    This is such such great news for all us people who don’t want to buy any games and just want to steal them like this will allow us to. Great news!

  11. Aline Piroutech

    All hail PS3, better games than PS4 and backwards compatibility

  12. B

    So is there an advantage to 4.81 over 4.82 when it comes to hacking?
    I’m on 4.81 now but I’m thinking about updating so I can use Netflix…

  13. luna128

    We in thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  14. blago

    First french ahahah

  15. nebu_187

    great!!! but still not unhappy about selling my ”unhackable to buy a cfw compatible console

  16. Lodochan

    Noob question here, does this mean I can install rebug 4.82 after installing the exploit?

  17. Nanashi

    Good thing Dragon’s Dogma left me with a good number of extra PSN accounts that I’ll never touch again with the PC version out.

  18. Jrigdon

    So maybe a dumb question but could this maybe lead to installing psx games onto the vita via the pkgs? Like spyro for instance. And if so would it be only limited to the signed in account for the vita or matchng id number?

  19. I would love to be a guest writer. I’m an admin over on a rather large facebook group for PS Hacking and I link in a lot of your articles. But to guest write would be amazing! I’m proficient in all open hacking scenes and I follow most of the information directly at its roots just like the writers here already do. I’ll keep an eye on my email if your interested.

  20. lollypop

    is there an actuall release of han of ethanol following ?

  21. bobrocks95

    Seems to be purely focused on piracy right now… I can’t really think of any expensive PS3 exclusives that I’d want to pirate, so hopefully people focus on homebrew in the coming weeks.

    I wanted stuff like more functional Dualshock 4 drivers but I don’t know if that requires CFW or not.

  22. nic cage lover

    thank cage for bring us this amazing hack praise be upon him

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