PS4 hack: The latest status for 5.50, 5.05 (and below) – updates from Qwertyoruiop


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    • dablakmark8

      great article, and a nice read for those who wants to know how,why and ..if ever.
      Exiting times ahead…..please keep your heads above water and play it cool

    • azoreseuropa


      • Ahmm

        Hey I have a crack PS4 v 5.05 and my dns value has become
        And my internet connection does not failed, what to do now

  1. windhazard

    The last pic in the post confirmed his newly acquired kernel exploit on 5.50. That means he currently owns another kexploit to play with in future firmwares, so the patched one should be released anytime soon.

  2. Skypirate

    Blah blah first?

  3. Toto

    And the reason for not releasing patched kernel exploit is… Uh, no reason to hide it anymore right?

    • spok

      yup same old PS4 scene – keep current FW jailbreak private until it is patched and then wait year or so until all new PS4s are updated…

  4. percy

    now that the kexploit is patched in 5.50 there is no point for qwerty to not share it with us 5.05 users, so lets all wait patiently for master qwerty to released it in public. 🙂

    • Smart Man

      Actually this guy gets off on teasing people, so you’re better off waiting for some anon to release anything worthwhile.

  5. Et-Bilu

    esqueçam que nao vai ter desbloqueio 5xx.
    unico desbloqueio sera aternamente 4.55.

  6. dunno

    “This automatically implies that he is in possession of a kernel exploit that apparently works up to firmware 5.05 included”

    Meaning? so 5.05 has a chance to be jailbreakable? in a future

    • whteva

      It has been very strongly hinted at (maybe even explicitly stated) several times, so yes it has a very strong chance of a JB. When that might happen is another question, of course you get the usual “could be a week, could be never” response when you ask.

  7. Tyler Guy

    While he never implicitly stated he would release the patched kernel exploit. It would be pretty ridiculous not to seeing as it will never be useful again in future firmware versions.

    • SocraticBliss

      not if the exploit will affect other devices and is still 0day on them

      • Tyler Guy

        It was patched in Webkit. so anything ever that gets that commit will be patched, its no longer 0day for anything that hasn’t already reached EOL.

  8. kbear

    Yeah the last picture looks a lot like a kexploit because it seems to be doing a lot more after showing the webkit exploit result. I wonder, if he said the OLD kexploit was fixed, maybe he found a new one?

    • Tyler Guy

      Yes his Day0 exlpoit has been patched, as he predicted. Should see a 5.05 release sometime soon. There is literally no reason to keep it under wraps anymore.

  9. Norikoteiko

    The last pic prices that he has a working webkit exploit for 5.50 and that he’s ready to look for a kernel exploit

  10. Dheez

    In all the time I’ve been on this site I’ve never seen you directly insult your base. “Get it through my hard skull? No problem, ill hop over to another scene site

  11. Dheez

    Comments opposed to wololo calling us stupid apparently get removed. I screenshotted mine so ill post it on Twitter lol. Noone needs to be called stupid, and calling you out gets censored? Lame stuff man. Hopefully you edit the article, you sound condescending

    • Moondemon

      Did it occur to you that he was not directly talking to you but to annoying people who ask the same known stuff over and over again? If you don’t have a hard skull as you imply, maybe you could work on getting a slightly harder skin as to not be offended so easily. Also, I still see your first comment so it obviously was not deleted.

  12. x

    Well thanks for insulting me was a fan of the site for a long time but i guess i am will switch to pshax forever now

  13. Dheez

    Moondemon he makes no clarification there, and i simply stated that it was wrong to do. If you cant handle that feel free to ignore my post. It disappeared and came back, not sure if a glitch or what happened there. Generally one avoids insulting the reader, as it is the reader that generates traffic to the site.

    • Moondemon

      You did not “simply state” it, you acted like a kid who got scolded. Also, I feel like I did “handle your post” just fine, but hey, we know now that you are easily offended so maybe my “handling” of your post was too much for you and you feel the need to tell me not to reply to any comment? Or just not to your comments? Oh well 🙂

  14. kbear

    I’m laughing at these guys complaining and saying they’ll go use some other website, and then staying here for HOURS later, still complaining. Didn’t you leave? lol

  15. Thetechdoc

    I don’t quite understand why these hackers don’t want to release their exploits, I get it when nothing has been released yet, you don’t want to be the one to open the floodgates to piracy and potentially get in trouble by the company, but exploits exist now…a normal average Joe can hack their PS4 and install “backups” and homebrew, so why even tell the scene you have an exploit if you don’t plan to release it, then what’s worse is that you complain when people bug you to release it…

    • Your stupd

      Wow your a totally noob eh i think your too impatient on your statement This hackers has no benefit they dont make money or credit except they do donation and this PPL has a right to complain and say what they want they’re the one who manage this to become possible

      and your just a crying bissh who knows nothing lets make a lil example why wont you try to become a hacker and im the impatient guy and lets see i will bug you for release what would you feel about it eh?

  16. Jorge

    Well, my thick head says he did mention that would release…
    Qwertyoruiopz: “if things are patched sure"
    Twitter, May 30 2017

  17. Ra-D-OH-3h

    Instead of playing cat and mouse, we should think about how to implement exploits inside the firmware. Create a container from which it can be called up and run when the system starts, without external sources.. but you only care about pirate games .

    I greet all the real ones. smutek110

    • Thrawn

      Interesting idea but…
      …how would you implement exploits into the firmware, when you have actually no access to the firmware?
      If you mean implement exploits on already released firmwares… that would be possible but the hard part is to actually get the device to acknowledge the custom firmware (see henkaku enso 3.65 for that).
      The flow (TN) managed to actually manipulate the new firmware on updating and probably RE-FLAWING it during the update phase.
      That is why already updated devices cannot get hacked currently.

      Running a cfw or a chain loader on boot requires at least a very early kernel exploit but better a bootloader exploit… look at the 3ds (sighax) or ntrboot if you want to name it.

      Something similar is going on in the switch scene, they found a bootloader exploit. After that, you can do anything on the device and no security later down the boot chain could ever block you from any access.

      Even newer firmwares CANNOT block you anymore, since you use a vulnerability so early at device start, that no firmware could interfere.

      The only block that could potentionally occure is, if the bootloader is updateable and newer firmwares carry such an update with it.
      BUT this is probably not possible on 99% of devices in the market (smartphones, consoles, computers,…) since the huge majority uses on die in silicon burnt bootloaders due to cost cutting and reliability.
      Those E-fuses in certain devices are not for reprogramming but for the devices self diagonse which firmware version it should load.
      If the amount of lit fuses does not match the firmwares expectation, it will trigger a kernel panic and a boot stop.
      Again this is no reprogramming of the bootloader, so if a device has a bootloader exploit you can manipulate the loading firmware to believe everything is fine and dandy and the amount of lit fuses is correct.

      Just a short summary here.

  18. John smith

    Scene PS4 = Poo.

  19. Yekk

    I will wait untill the end of the world for this exploit to be released.
    Usually through here.
    I’m happy that I didn’t updated my ps4 slim. Hope that I can jailbreak my ps4 someday!

  20. Qwertyoruiop

    its coming today

  21. GxEr

    I’m on firmware 4.50 but didn’t login into an account and can’t use the internet browser without updating. Is there a way to do that?

    • kbear

      Download the 4.55 pup update file from the web and update using a usb stick

    • OperationNT

      There is a way to start a webkit instance through user manual feature and with DNS redirection (or proxy server), the manual can be redirected on an exploit host URL. Then, there is a payload which permanantly activates the true Internet browser even without PSN login.

  22. Qwertyoruiop

    Just talking BS, anyone can use this name….
    Check Twitter for latest Updates

  23. Qwertyoruiop

    I don’t think so

  24. for_ever_young27

    Guys the exploit will release in 18 of March. Patrick’s day

    Just. Wait my friend

  25. AdamSwine

    hello. is it possible for anything like save editing or applying with just the usermode exploit? anyone?

  26. anony

    I’m on firmware 5.05, I will stay here till further notice.

  27. Stanley

    Pls how long can it possibly take before a jailbreak for version 5.05 be released

  28. Stanley

    How long can it possibly take before a jailbreak for version 5.05 be released… Please someone reply, am curious

  29. Stanley

    Do you think a jailbreak for version 5.05 can be released within 2-3 months time… Please someone reply, am curious

    • Aben

      Usually how it works is that they will wait for a few firmware releases to confirm that the Kernel exploit has been pa