Adrenaline-6.1 released – Support for FW 3.65/3.67 has been added!


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  1. imfirst


  2. Mario


  3. Leonid

    Do the PSP plugins still work? like the CWCheat?

    • MisoginousMan


    • Andrew

      Yes. This update only gives Adrenaline what it needs to run on 3.65. The plugins run in the PSP CFW natively, not Adrenaline. So the plugins aren’t dependent on the version of Adrenaline, but just the PSP CFW.

      • Andrew

        What I mean to say is the plugins are for PSP, the CFW runs in an ’emulator’ called Adrenaline…

  4. sav

    if i update to 3.65 enso an adren 6.1 will my psp savestate save files still work?

    i think i heard they might not or something?

    • TehCupcakes

      I don’t see any reason they wouldn’t. Regardless of the Vita firmware, you are essentially running the same version of the PSP emulator inside of it. (That is, the Vita emulates PSP FW 6.61, regardless of whether you’re on 3.60 Enso or 3.65).

      • dimy93

        They might not work is the savestates are a carbon copy of the Adrenaline’s internal memory state

  5. Amnos

    I got a 3.60 Henkaku Vita (phat)

    But, I’ve also got a 3.63 Vita Slim, what do I do with it now?

    • Gensosuikoden

      You wait until the end of the year which is when The Flow apparently will be to offer Henkaku compatibility for Vitas running firmwares that are already higher than 3.60.

    • Demian

      Sell the 3.63 Vita, or wait until the end of year, even more good things are coming.

      • Amnos

        Why sell it, I’m ‘patiently’ waiting for that hack.

        2 vita = multiplayer

        Besides, I prefer the slim’s usb charger.

  6. DinoFly

    I have the Adrenaline version that needs to be installed with a psp demo, how can i update to this version?

  7. prZ

    download the 661.PBP in installation works just fine..

  8. Thetechdoc

    Is it true 3.65 ENSO breaks compatibility with sd2vita? I’ve heard a few reports saying so but no official word

  9. Aaron

    This is another amazing step in the direction of cracking the PS Vita on the latest firmware.

    Good job, TheFlow.

  10. giorgio

    I have a question so does my ps vita have to be on 3.60 or can it be on 3.65/3.67 for this to work?

  11. Rafael galindo

    que tal , actualize a enso 3.65, pero al tratar de instalar adrenaline me sale la pantalla negra y dice presionar X para instalar psp 6.61 en la memory card, lo preciono y no pasa nada se congela y la tengo que apagar y al encenderla de nuevo repito el proceso y pasa lo mismo , espero me puedan ayudar . saludos

  12. Rafael galindo

    so, update to 3.65 enso, but trying to install adrenaline I get the black screen and says press X to install psp 6.61 on the memory card, I preciono and nothing happens freezes and I have to turn it off and turn it on again I repeat the process and the same thing happens, I hope you can help me. regards

  13. Flared

    EBOOT.OLD non works >.<

  14. NerdyPunk

    I can’t play psp Japanese translated game now after adrenaline 6.1

  15. NerdyPunk

    I can’t play Japanese translated PSP game with this new update.

  16. Alessandro

    EBOOT.OLD not works with this update Q_Q

  17. MIK

    after a long black screen, adrenaline gave me a message: An error has occured. (C1-2858-3)

  18. TheFlew

    I can’t play Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix. Help.. It just shows black screen.

  19. Duhjoker

    Has any one successfully been able to get adrenaline 6.61 to work on thier vita with 3.67 FW? The article is a lil confusing.

  20. Jayko

    I m running vita 3.65 with adrenaline 6.61, but whenever i launch adrenaline, the screen flashes and return to live area. sometime it display an error has occurred ( c1-2758-2 ) does anyone face same issue? I never get it to work on my 3.65, i use the same steps in 3.60 it worked flawlessly. but on the same vita, i now update it to 3.65 it just wont work. anyone?


      I am having the exact same problem. Just updated to 3.65 Enso, all other homebrew is working but Adrenaline will not open (error C1-2758-2)

  21. Angel

    Pls someone should explain ,how do I install the Adrenalin 6.1 in my psvita phat 3.65FW, does it work, and where can I download psp games free if possible

  22. Shane

    pspPSARInit failed