PS4 Firmware 5.50 has been released, rumors say 5.05 Webkit exploit still works


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  1. But it seems this update doesn’t improve overal stability, perhaps that’s why the exploit works? 😀

    • spok

      yeah again we will have to wait a year or so for 5.xx kernel jailbreak when 6.xx will be out – really a great scene comparing to PS3 one :/

      • costica irinel

        I bet you can do a better job than these amateurs. Go ahead, hack the ps4.
        I don’t really get why trolls exist…

  2. DoubleTwist

    Why is it impossible to downgrade the firmware ?

    • 1

      Its because of eFUSEs. More information here:

      • John Knuj

        This wouldn’t apply to something like an E3 Flasher though? Anyways, PS5 is on the way since Sony is letting these exploits be released now. RIP PS4.

      • Mo Poge

        But people who were on 5.50 beta were able to roll back their fw to 5.05. If Sony can do it in software, why can’t others (with the proper knowledge)?

      • Mido Sparda

        Sony doesn’t use Efuses to prevent downgrading , instead they use hashes in syscon’s nvs
        I wouldn’t say it’s easier to downgrade , but it’s not impossible .. maybe one day?

        • Fallenleader

          I couldn’t edit my comment (that is waiting moderation for some friggen reason), but there is no evidence to support or debunk eFuses currently.
          Unless Mathuleth or QWERTY explicitly says otherwise, I highly doubt the device uses eFuses, but without such confirmation, it is indeed possible.

        • Fallenleader

          Ignore the last comment.
          Let’s debunk the eFuse BS once and for all:

          • Mido Sparda

            Lol that’s what i told you , using hashes gives them more control over the system unlike the efuses .. at least that’s what i believe

  3. Firstyboii


  4. Frank Mamuda

    There’s still a /dev/bpf kernel bug in 5.0x firmware. If it is patched in 5.50, there is hope for an exploit to be released to public.

    • Grimpsy

      why don’t just release kernel regardless patched in 5.50 or not

      • Ethan Weegee

        If it is released, Sony can find it and study the exploit to patch it.

        • Grimpsy

          well great, now we can wait till the end of ps4 era. What if Sony will never patched it?

          • Albert C

            Believe me, $ony will do everything in their power to patch it….or at least screw the consumer in some way.

          • Nattz

            Yeah, I understand the point of waiting for a higher firmware maybe in the first 2-3 years of console lifespan but after a certain point it becomes kind of self defeating. If it’s only at the end of the year or even next my interest has just gone from this.

          • Walt

            That be the best situation as every ps4 would be hackable at the end of it’s lifespan making piracy not harm the developers and the games would be able to be preserved as well.

  5. Ice

    If the exploit isn’t patched, that probably mean no public kernel release?

    • Ice

      Me Editing: The thing that qwertyoruiop havent tweeted since he started updating to 5.50 (two days now) gives me hopes because if the exploit from the previous versions works it wouild have worked few hours top since his updating and he would have tweeted about it. Hope the kernel exploit will be released soon in a matter of days (till Monday).

  6. lollypop

    did u try the 407 kernel bug ?

  7. jason

    im on 5.50 i confirm the exploit still works

  8. bill

    so, Why is it that those guys want to wait until its patched to release the exploit. they say, if they release it, it’ll get patched, but they are going to wait until it gets patched? it still gets patched either way. whats the difference between letting it get patched now vs letting it patched eventually?

    • Albert C

      Because it’s exactly as to why $ony didn’t patch it in this update. If $ony doesn’t know about it or have access to it, then they can’t patch any further techniques to it.

    • Mido Sparda

      If you have an exploit that sony doesn’t know about what would you do? Basically experiment with it on a higher firmware , maybe you can find something cool? Or find a way to use the newer firmware files on an older version say to spoof or enable some features or make a custom firmware (like the current vita situation) or maybe find more exploits

    • PU55YD35TR0Y3R

      Because they’re selfish @$$holes who look down on others and condemn them for wanting “backups”, when they’re just as guilty as the rest of us.

  9. Al

    Hoping for something before Spider-Man comes out, cuz after that if an update is required I might have to commit…..that is unless of course I splurge and can find a low FW PS4 Pro.

  10. Vic-20