PS3 Slim/Super Slim exploit leaked, could harm your PS3, hints at cool things coming soon


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15 Responses

  1. chocalandro says:

    If i am on 4.81 i must update to 4.82, create a new account and activate it. Ok….
    How can i activate a psn account?

  2. Ethan Weegee says:

    Will this work in a similar fashion to the other exploit; just place files on a USB drive and plug it in?

  3. Irtiqa says:

    Well at last a good news for ps3 super slim owners.
    BTW First!!

  4. the_owner says:

    Today was it like, 3 posts already or something? This site is awesome!

    Also, first

  5. Dantenerosas says:

    Would be nice if someone cared to elaborate why do we need second account. And why it needs to be activated. Btw, does that mean I must deactivate main and activate second? Plus would be nice to know if it’s better to use fresh account for that and could we use the exploit while using logged under that deactivated main account.
    I hope full news for new version of exploit will contain answers for those *sigh*

    • Arcueid says:

      Geez….first there’s something called common sense..

      Now his hack tampers with the licenses of games that belongs to a determined user and the respective account, if the account isn’t activated in the ps3 so that content that belongs to that account can be installed and executed
      the system won’t look for them.
      Now as I already mentioned because you will be tampering with your account licenses Sony can detect that, and they will ban that account and possibly even the console

      Now that’s why you need to have a secondary account, doesn’t matter if you created it 10 years ago or a day ago, what matters is that is an account that you won’t regret being banned
      And last…I wouldn’t recommend using those games on your main account, deactivating your main isn’t necessarily because there’s no limit of active accounts

  6. Nanashi says:

    Well I have a bunch of random extra accounts for extra Dragon’s Dogma saves

  7. lollypop says:

    so can u downgrade a superslim to 3.55 geohot otheros++ ?
    or are there more modern otheros++ tutorials out for latest firmware ?
    red ribbon dont seem like that human experience to me

    • throwaway says:

      No, you can’t downgrade a PS3 to a firmware lower than what came pre-installed on it.
      Eventually, firmwares like rebug might be ported.

  8. demian says:

    esto si son buenas noticias

  9. Piticu says:

    Can i jailbreak my ps3 cech3004a ?