PS4 4.55 hack: VVildcard777 releases open source version of PS4Hen


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8 Responses

  1. PAZ

    Should a console be updated after modded for onine, still allowing the iso ect?

    • azoreseuropa

      No, still have to use fkpkg.. No iso at all. One day it will. Right now, you still have to use fkpkg to install. Online is allow, yes.

      • FreePlay

        Never. Ever. EVER. Go online with a hacked console. You risk getting your system and account banned from PSN, which means complete, irrevocable loss of any content you ever purchased on that account.

  2. PAZ

    considering an old firmware version being rare, is there any reason to leave it un updated?

  3. A7mag3ddon

    So whats the benefits to end user of this open source HEN ?

    Whats the improvements? Less Kernel panicks ?

    • spok

      ´PS4Hen is open source, while Holy Grail isn’t. Having an open source version of the PS4Hen could bring faster improvements to scene´

  4. Muja

    Im 4.01 update to 4.05 or 4.55?

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