PS4 4.55 hack: VVildcard777 releases open source version of PS4Hen


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8 Responses

  1. PAZ says:

    Should a console be updated after modded for onine, still allowing the iso ect?

    • azoreseuropa says:

      No, still have to use fkpkg.. No iso at all. One day it will. Right now, you still have to use fkpkg to install. Online is allow, yes.

      • FreePlay says:

        Never. Ever. EVER. Go online with a hacked console. You risk getting your system and account banned from PSN, which means complete, irrevocable loss of any content you ever purchased on that account.

  2. PAZ says:

    considering an old firmware version being rare, is there any reason to leave it un updated?

  3. A7mag3ddon says:

    So whats the benefits to end user of this open source HEN ?

    Whats the improvements? Less Kernel panicks ?

    • spok says:

      ´PS4Hen is open source, while Holy Grail isn’t. Having an open source version of the PS4Hen could bring faster improvements to scene´

  4. Muja says:

    Im 4.01 update to 4.05 or 4.55?