VitaQuake updated to version 2.9 – Better performance, gyroscope aiming, transparent HUD and more!


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  1. evilfox says:


  2. I want Atari says:


  3. Poulet_basquaise says:

    Good work guys !

    It is heart warming to see the VITA still getting some love, Quake is really enjoyable on this device.
    Is Quake III possible ? If so, it may already have been adapted…

    All the scenes are on fire these days, I hope the NS homebrews will be good as the VITA one’s.

  4. Stefan Schanzenbächer says:

    i enjoy the Quake port on my Vita currently

    is there a possibility to use the addon-Packs?

  5. merlin says:

    Quake III – Arena, Should technically be possible, running on Open GL, same as the existing quake, it would be alot more to render though, *** i miss the old TDM Rail Freeze matches….. long live Q3.

  6. BabyK says:

    So how do I play this online against other Vita users? I guess there are no servers for it or are there? Who knows how many play this game. Guess the lobby would be empty if nothing gets arranged. So is there any place to find other players and arrange something?

  7. drd7of14 says:

    One step closer to a Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight port. Great job guys! 🙂