Release: Homebrew Launcher Menu 2.0.0 for Nintendo Switch


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  1. first says:


  2. SUCKILIA says:

    Good, now to get free games…

  3. Wow this is marvelous posting..! I really enjoy the reading, You are a great author and Thanks for sharing valuable information.

  4. Jax says:

    is it possible to backup games and play online?

  5. Thprofile says:

    Is good for homebrews, but is very sad if come commercial games. The nintendo switch health in gaming industry can be seriously injuried by the piracy…

    • Josh says:

      And what do you think is the main motivation for such hacks? Free games!
      I am just waiting myself until it’s fully hacked to buy one. I do acknowledge Nintendo have some good franchises, but lets be honest, the overal quality of Switch games is below average. No way I’m spending 45, 60, 70 bucks on games either downgraded for a portable platafform or from literally lauched decades ago.
      Free games for my people!!!

  6. rakujira says:

    * rakujira, not rakuzira 😛

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