PS4: How to get your hands on a PS4 with a 4.55 firmware or lower

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  1. FFTW

    So only PS4 Slim Gold Edition shipped with a firmware higher than 4.05 and lower than 4.55? what about the PS4s with “HDR” on their cover?

  2. FFTW

    also,according to my research,the following Slim PS4 bundles are 4.55 too:
    -Horizon Zero Dawn, Ratchet and Clank, Driveclub, and Three Months PS Bundle (CUH-2116A) (do note that the same bundle but with (CUH-2108A) is 4.7) (according to gbatemp)
    -Minecraft Bundle (according to wikipedia)

  3. ludakashaka

    I believe FF XV bundle should also be a good bet.
    There is also a method on gbatemp that apparently let’s you know if the console is <4.05 by looking at P/N and serial number (but for EU only). – would be good if we can get confirmation that this is real and an update for 4.55.

  4. Bubba Zanetti


  5. Frank

    You always forget to mention the metal gear solid V bundle.

  6. Tanmay

    Just bought myself a new PS4 Pro with

    CUH-7016B B01Y P-27452400-6 S01-7393654-N

    I can confirm it is on v4.55. This means any 7016B models with serial no. lower than 7393654 are guaranteed to be on 4.55.


    • Vincent

      Thanks for sharing pal. Will take a look at my local Media Markt today and hope I’m lucky.

    • Vincent

      Hey amigo, I have to thank you one more time. I went to a local Saturn today and found an PS4 pro with a serial number 50 numbers below you. And it has 4.55 on it!

      Best regards,

    • bobo

      where did u buy this?

    • Jamx

      Do you/anyone have a picture of what’s the front box would look like for the older batch? I only noticed there are two different front box image; one with 4K HDR at the top right corner and one there is not. I just have to make sure it is the correct box before looking at the serials first.

    • Mohib Qureshi

      Do you have any idea about the serial number in India?

      • Tanmay

        The one I posted above was bought in India (imported EU unit). No official sold PS4 Pros will have have old version as they were recently resumed selling new stock.

    • Dex

      I have store that has p-27452400-6

  7. CecilF

    Someone in town is selling a BNIB CUH-2115B slim 1TB standalone that he claims to have bought it during the Black Friday sell last Oct. Can anyone with the same model number confirm the fw ver.? TIA!

  8. Vincent

    Is the manufacturing date somewhere on a PS4 Pro box? I might go to a Media Markt nearby and take a look.

  9. PS4Finder

    So really no different than 4.05, actually I would say the new bundles are even harder to find, Wololo if you read these comments add this to your post, visit in the USA its an inventory checker. Enter your zip code and the item ID/ UPC 55332685 . That is the infinite warfare black bundle there are still some in the wild I have helped countless people in my area find them!

  10. FFTW

    also,it is great that the webkit works until 5.05,as we are half way to a jail break there too.

  11. darkzero

    Thanks for the heads up as always, is there a way to check the date of the PS4 PRO without open the package? just checking the outside box info? i seen some on local stores but they wont open it unless u buy, if u return u have to go Sony, not to seller-

  12. cavinrocks

    I got myself the PS4 1TB Uncharted 4 Limited Bundle in Germany at the “HEM Expert” market, it’s the one with the grey-blue Playstation with Nathan on it. Code CUH-1216B BZ9Y. It has FW 3.11. Pic:

    Got the last two pieces 😀

  13. Asa

    Hey, does anyone have a good source for OFW 4.55 ? It seems to be down from Sony’s servers and everything else I found was pretty sketchy.


  14. theHelper

    For anyone still looking.. It looks like GameStop has the Call of Duty bundle for $299


  15. Harsh

    Hi – can anyone confirm if all Gold versions are on 4.55 or below>

  16. talmagal

    how to check manufacter dates for ps4 pro

  17. Rubel

    I want an opinion.. I have found a used ps4 with firmware 4.07. It has some scracthes on top right corner. Probably 35% of the body are scratched. With one controller and 3 cds, those are 1. The last of us 2. Drive Club 3. Far cry 4. The console has no box. The seller want to sell it 210$. Will it worth it if i buy the ps4?

    Sorry for my bad english

  18. fadi299

    Ok guys so what about the ps4 slim silver edition?? does anybody know if it comes with 4.50 or 4.55? i believe they were released simultaneously with the gold edition..

  19. fadi299

    Does anybody know if the ps4 slim silver edition comes with 4.55 or higher? i believe these were released simultaneously with the gold edition..

  20. vinnibea

    Who can confirm that CUH-21##A Minecraft Bundle really comes with 4.55?

  21. Oussama

    is Pack Console PS4 1 To Slim + The Last Guardian below 4.55?

  22. Darren

    Just bought ps4 slim gold edition 1tb with firmware version 4.55 Thanks 😀

  23. koukouniaou

    I can’t find a ps4 pro 7016b !! only 7116b.
    Maybe is out there a bundle with 4.55 or lower??

  24. Tad Morose

    Hi The Last Guardian PS4 Slim bundle.clmes with 3.51 firmware.

  25. Tad Morose

    Hi The Last Guardian PS4 Slim bundle comes with 3.51 firmware.

  26. essam

    can i update jailbroken 4.05 device to 4.55 OS

  27. Amine

    Can confirm that gold is indeed on 4.55. Just got one, CUH 2015B and 4.55

  28. Mohib Qureshi

    Can someone please help me with ps4 4.55 in India? I am getting 7108b here

  29. Hank

    The slim Gold edition 500 gb with 2 controllers has 4.55 too?

  30. Liv

    Hi. PS4 Pro 1TB Black, Europe, model 7016B, serial SO1-7433619-J bought it yesterday 24.03 is on FW 4.55. The HEN exploit works like a charm.

    • Issam

      Hi Liv,
      Where you bought it please?
      More informations if possible

      • Liv

        I am from Romania, so I ‘ve got it from a Romanian electronics store called Atlex with 380 Euro. I ‘ve plugged into TV in the shop and I’ve checked the fw before buying it. Do not buy it online, they could ship the 7116 version which is above 4.55. Also there is no chance to use the jailbroken console online. Not yet.

  31. Mike

    Bought online PS4 pro today and returning back. Serial is S01-770… firmware 4.70
    DON’T BUY!

  32. Dan

    Just bought a ps4 pro from Wal-Mart the other day. Was model CUH-7016b. Thought I scored, unfortunately was on 4.70. Forgot to go by serial number. I returned it.