PS4 exploit: hacker qwertyoruiop releases kernel exploit for 4.55


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  1. Ouji


    • spok

      well i still aint buyin PS4 until there is working release since it can take a year until: “devs in the scene will figure it out pretty quickly” 🙂

  2. alvaro

    excelente, se esta moviendo la escena ps4, gracias a los que trabajan dia a dia en ella, gracias hackers

  3. sav

    they needs to release a kxploit for current fw, that’s the reason the ps3 and vita hacks were soo good an accessable at the time.

    ps3 3.41 an then 3.55 cfw, an then vita at 3.60.

    they should def release something at 5.50, since that fw has supersampling or whatever it is an then everyone can take advantage of it.

    • Cypherous

      Firstly, its not trivial to find these exploits

      Secondly, the PS3 was a very different situation because they managed to figure out the private key sony used for signing firmware, this is NOT the case with the PS4, finding useful exploits isn’t a fast or easy process so i wouldn’t ever expect us to have a “current” firmware exploit

  4. Matute

    Yo sigo en 5.00 ;(

  5. Supergun122

    Now I’m pretty much happy as heck

  6. Urbananonymous

    yesssss!!!!!!!! im on 4.07!!!!!!!!! yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!

  7. smior

    first and awesome news! go guys

  8. FFTW

    for the Webkit Exploit,there is a high possiblity that it will be released next month. take a look guys:
    If this is true,and my hinch is that it is. 4.55 should have PS4hen by the end of next month 🙂

  9. reymon

    this is great news for almost everyone.
    thanks for sharing

  10. Mmm

    What? He finally released something lol

  11. Nino

    This is awesome news!

  12. CheaterForLife


  13. Joseph Neale

    got a 4.50 ofw ps4

  14. ZpectroO

    For 5.00 please

  15. dd

    this is great
    i’ve been waiting a long time for this

  16. Vic-20

    I am the one

  17. Randy Dave

    OMG! YES!! I knew I was right to wait on 4.55! QWERTY THE MAN!!!

  18. matan

    How to get your hands on a 4.07 PS4 :

    haha waiting for that man, or at least update the 4.05 post.
    ty for the info sharing.
    maybe even ps4 pros at 4.07 are obtainable.

  19. Ely k

    Yeahh!!!! OMG!!!

  20. LukeRoot

    Awesome, the scene will get bigger now. Best news I could wake up to 🙂

  21. Crispy81

    Nice. Just need an exploit for 4.75 now and I’ll be happy. Probably won’t be too long before that happens.

  22. jj

    So While on 4.07 we’ll be able to play 4.55 games?

  23. Snowman

    Im on 5.05 tho
    I think i dont need exploit because i have 40 games i didnt even touched. But its fun to mess around with console.

  24. BlaX7221

    Works also on 5.05, confirmed by this thread

    • Crispy81

      Yeah I tried it. But I get stuck at where you need to open your browser, it keeps trying to connect to playstation network before I can use the browser.

    • Crispy81

      I cannot get this to work due to not being able to open the browser, it keeps saying it needs to connect to playstation network.

    • GetYourFactsStraight

      Just to confirm, that thread is dedicated to the 5.01 webkit exploit, not the 4.55 kexploit; two different things. A webkit exploit is an entrypoint not a kernal exploit. You need a entrypoint to make use of a kexploit and you need a kexploit to make use of a entrypoint. The 4.55 kexploit is not confirmed to work on 5.01

    • GetYourFactsStraight

      This doesn’t work on 5.05. What you posted is a webkit, which is not related to the 4.55 kexploit.

    • Randy Dave

      That is a webkit exploit. It’s a different thing than the Kernel exploit that QWERTY released. That webkit exploit actually works on the newest 5.50 beta, but this Kernel Exploit that QWERTY released seems to only work up to 4.55.

      What we need next for us 4.55 users is some kind dev to backport that 5.x webkit exploit to 4.55 so we can reap the benefits of QWERTY’s release. *-*

    • DSpider

      It’s not a kernel exploit. Don’t get your panties in a bunch.

  25. The lolest

    And no one noticed that pegaswitch(web kit) also worked till 5.05
    Things are getting hot in the next month

  26. brutus

    I don’t get it, i have 4.70 ps4 pro, when webkit exploit will be released on march 17th, will i be able to run homebrew on my ps4 ?

  27. fluk3

    I have a fat second gen console running 4.73 and also have the 5.00, 5.01 and 5.05 downloaded on my pc. Should I wait for a release or try and echange my console for a discound on gamestop and get a 500gb slim. I live in Sweden (european region) does anyone know what firmware current stock ps4’s come with? Any reply is appreaciated

  28. Ricardo Jimmy

    I paid good money for a old PS4 bundle to be on 4.05 so I hope it takes very long time for this to get released!

  29. Lollypop

    Can we expect a full fledged 4.x kxploit with entrykit407poc dubbed qwerty as an addon for ps4exploithost
    I like the Linux payload added and the enable-vr payload but thats 405 or how to use this still staying in 405

  30. mtnjustme

    5.50 beta webkit exploit

  31. Ra-D-OH-3h

    It also works on 5.50 beta.

  32. Jax

    looks good, but can you play online with psn on ps4 with this mod?

  33. Anthony

    I know it may seem silly to ask but is there any way of perminently putting the exploit their so u don’t need to reaplie every boot without need of we site.

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