Play Half-Life 1 on your PSVita via vitaXash3D – Fully hardware accelerated thanks to vitaGL!


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34 Responses

  1. Yaboi

    Very cool! Glad to see this kind of port for the vita.

  2. Human

    vita gl is a thing already? I hope retroarch will use it

  3. Greco

    Counter Strike anyone?

    • GottZ

      is actually possible. just grab the xash3d stuff from counterstrike for android and apply it.
      sadly i cannot try since i don’t have a vita.

  4. Tarte aux quetsches


    You guys are nuts.

  5. gnuffy

    Would love to play Opposing Force and Blue Shift again 🙂

  6. Soulr3ap3r

    Awesome! Can’t wait for more games like this

  7. Lollypop

    Now this makes me wonder about native 3D versus emus like pcsx2 PS2 emu

  8. TsundereGuy93

    With this I gotta say…HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED!!

  9. ZpectroO

    N64 Emulator?

  10. Kyle Katarn

    Now port Jedi Outcast and I can die happily with my vita in hands

  11. Rayo

    Now port Age of Empires 2, Quake 3 and Counter Strike 1.6 and I can die in peace

  12. nebu_187

    This is GREAT!!! Not owning a copy of Half-life is a crime

  13. drd7of14

    The dream of a SWDF2: JK on PSV is now a dream I can believe in. Year of Homebrew Dreams 2018! 🙂

  14. Frank

    yeah, jedi knight 2 or jedi knigh3, that would be something nice.

    • drd7of14

      I don’t think Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast or Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy would run on the VITA, though I’d certainly love to be proven wrong. That would be a grand ol’ time.

      But it could definitely Handle Dark Forces 1, Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight, and Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith. Personally, I prefer DF2 to JO and JA. Pretty interesting use of the Jedi Engine. It sucks we never got more games on it.

      (To be clear, Jedi Knight 3 doesn’t exist. JA is a spin-off/Sequel, just like MotS. Not a true Jedi Knight 3)

      • drd7of14

        Correction, “Sith” Engine. Jedi Engine used the DF1/Outlaws. Cool, but not what I meant to be referring to. 🙂

      • wetalo

        I imagine Vita can run Jedi Outcast/Jedi Academy. Jedi Outcast ran on GameCube, and the Vita’s a more capable machine than that.

        • drd7of14

          Console Does Not Equal Mobile. They’re just different.

          Also, Outcast on the GCN was…Well, ***.

          Anything is possible, but emulating the PC version on PSV. Not a prayer.

  15. vitag

    dreaming about doom3 on vita 🙂

  16. Ureichor

    someone tell me if the coming releases soon henkaku 3.65, may play games for the oldest henkaku 3.60?

  17. dmaskell92

    No f***ing way!

  18. Oeli

    Does the steam version work for this?

  19. DBG

    I love playing replaying Half-Life on different/odd systems as they are released. My Dreamcast probably still has a Half-Life CD-R in it (although that was a commercial product that was never released) but it’s great to see it finally hit handhelds in a usable form (there was a janky method using the PSP that I wouldn’t consider playable).

  20. ArtofWar

    Give us Unreal Tournament GOTY.

  21. CycloneFox

    Half Life Vita…
    Half Life V…
    V = 5 …
    Half Life + Half Life 2 = 2 games
    5 – 2 = 3!!!

    Half Life 3 confirmed!

  22. AcromioClavicular

    dayuum, okay bro.

  23. Creatura

    My vita is broken and waiting for a part to arrive so that I can fix it. This is the first thing I’ll try.

  24. Nnuma

    I’ve been waiting for this for years : D

  25. KiriKuz

    This is absolutely amazing, BUT how do I change the controls? I wanna shoot with R and use L for alternate fire, and is it possible to lock the game at 30 fps? Aside from that, this is just insane, I love it!

  26. RiRi

    I’m still trying to find the Half-Life game to be downloaded on my pc. Anyone got a link?