PS4: The mysteries surrounding the Horizon Zero Dawn 4.05 warez release

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  1. flatz released russian version and qwerty released eng patch huheuhue

  2. John says:

    Thank you, mr. Putin

  3. Shub says:

    The answer to this question is simple:
    Someone found a way to spoof the fw version. Horizon could be dumped since sony used the 4.05 keys on 4.07.
    Newer games are encrypted with different keys and thus cannot be dumped (yet).

  4. Derek says:

    Flatz shared his copy of Horizon and reduced firmware requirement

  5. ryuu says:

    If anything else, a 4.55 kernel exploit might be on the way

  6. Bailey says:

    Your not running the game the game to dump it though
    So you can dump any game regardless of what firmware needs to play it and aslong as you don’t try running the game you can dump them

    • SeanP2500 says:

      source? All the games I dumped required a tool that needs the game to be launched. Are you just making stuff up? smdh.

  7. Pu3Ho says: – qwetyuiopz’s kernel exploit “write up”, works up to 4.70 FW

  8. id104335409 says:

    Most interesting indeed. If a hacker has a jailbroken higher firmware console running and he is willing to release hacked games that require higher firmware, why is he not just releasing the firmware itself? Why just one game, and not all of them?

  9. FFTW says:

    Further more,reports from people on private russian forums talked with the guy who released the russian version. he wont say how he did it,but he did say that ALL the work was done on a 4.05 system. that means he managed to spoof the firmware of the PS4 its self.

  10. Bob says:

    hey so ive been having an issue with my vita tv, as some of you may know the vita tv, through adrenaline, can play ps1 games coop, you just have to connect the controller. Well here is my issue, 2 player works fine but anything more than that i can connect the controller but it does not let you use it in the ps1 game, any ideas?

  11. Adam says:

    Haven’t we been getting games that require higher firmwares than required for the longest time? I mean, PS3 and PS4 games were leaked online before there was even a way to play them, so a game requiring non-exploitable firmware isn’t anything new.

  12. Tenow says:

    I can confirm that russian version of Horizon indeed required 4.07. That’s the sole reason my console is 4.07. So someone in Russia has something interesting on their hands that allowed them to lower requirement.

  13. Messy says:

    Seems like some people have access to methods they don’t want to release. Again. That’s the PS4 scene alright.

  14. Crane says:

    Possibly released as somebody’s “audition” for entry to some hacking group or another?

  15. amber says:

    last 🙂

  16. Charles Fasano says:

    It would be nice for us to be able to convert our games that we bought that require 4.06 or higher for use on 4.05. The ideal solution, other that having an exploit for 5.00, would be to have a plugin that can properly spoof the firmware (it contains the 5.00 keys) and run those games without needing to download a fixed version from an unscrupulous website. My vision is to turn my hackable PS4 Pro into a steam machine. I already have an up to date PS4 Pro to play my games on.

  17. jm8080 says:

    Is there really any big difference between firmware 4.05 and 4.07 other than fixes for the exploit? Based on the firmware numbering I doubt there’s that much features added that H:ZD would really require.

  18. Fimo says:

    “, why has only this one “higher firmware” game been released so far”
    Because that’s the only valuable exclusive PS4 games on FW > 4.05

  19. APT says:

    Where are all those suckers that did not wanted the PS4 to be hacked? hahahaha!

  20. id104335409 says:

    Can’t read the comments

  21. playmate says:

    is there still no chance for a cfw?

  22. ceprijicho says:

    This is the VITA all over again. There IS a working hack that allows you to play pirated games, but they’re holding on to it until someone makes them a good offer OR a hero betrays them and releases the exploit to us peasants, which is what happened with Henkaku.

  23. Ra-D-OH-3 says:

    A o mnie nie pomyślałeś??

  24. hazimthebear says:

    hello can we hope for a tool to verify pkg like we have on psvita ?

  25. Fimo says:

    I can see only one single comment ???

  26. FFTW says:

    good news guys 🙂

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